Aaron Johnson has been a GNU/Linux and KDE user for the past 9 years. He has helped to organize the KDE booth at SCALE for the past four years, including giving a a Basic Introduction to KDE4 last year. He attended the Release Party for KDE4 at Google Headquarters in January, 2008, and will be attending the Camp KDE in San Diego in January, 2010. He has been an enthusiastic supporter of both Linux and KDE, and has given introductions to GNU/Linux and other Free Software such as Firefox and Openoffice.org.

Akkana Peck is a freelance programmer and writer who has been involved with the open source community for roughly two decades. She has contributed code to Mozilla/Firefox, GIMP and a variety of other projects. She's also involved in education and advocacy groups and is one of the "Tres Chix" LinuxChix coordinators.

Akkana is also the author of "Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional" and has written an assortment of tutorials for Linux Planet and other sites, including her own site, http://shallowsky.com.

Ubuntu User Advocate

Amber Graner is an active Ubuntu community member and organizer who encourages everyone around her to participate, support, and learn about Ubuntu and Open Source. With a smile and a sense of humor, Amber reminds people that there is a place for everyone in the Ubuntu community – regardless of technical skill level (or lack thereof). She is constantly looking for people, places, and events within the Ubuntu community that help inspire Ubuntu users to participate actively within the Ubuntu community.

Other Blog: http://www.ubuntu-user.com/Online/Blogs/Amber-Graner-You-in-Ubuntu

Technical Trainer
Technical Training Resources

Andrew Vandever is a Technical Trainer for Technical Training Resources, and is a Red Hat Certified Technician, Engineer, Instructor and Examiner, in addition to holding a COMPTIA A+ certification. His open source adoption has progressed from Firefox to OpenOffice.org to VirtualBox to various distributions of GNU/Linux, including Knoppix, Fedora, Red Hat and *wrt. By day Andrew teaches Linux to helpdesk personnel, managers, developers and sysadmins, but by night he dual-boots the desktops and laptops of his friends and family. Andrew's technical interests range from interoperability to networking to live audio/video production to infrastructure and service management and beyond. Other interests include church activities, philosophy, language, kayaking, basketball, flag football, youth development, and of course eating with friends and family.

Lead Research Engineer
AT&T Interactive, R&D

Ari Lerner is a lead research engineer on the cloudteam at AT&T interactive. He has been working in the clouds for several years, back when it was called distributed computing! He develops primarily in ruby and erlang in the open-source community and loves the MIT license.

Presentation: PoolParty

Educational Services Director
Revolution Linux

Benoit started his career as an high school science teacher and did planning for technology in those schools. Afterwards, he was appointed educational consultant on technology for the school district and was responsible for technology integration through the district. He then became curriculum specialist for science and technology, and was in charge of professional development for curriculum reform at that time.

He then was one of the authors of a science and technology textbook series for secondary curriculum. During that time, just before working at Revolution Linux, he also did some consulting, professional development and conferences about Free and Open Source software and Open Content.

Benoit has been around Open Source in Education for about ten years now, and believes Open Source is a key instrument on getting students and teaches to learn more efficiently with technology.

At Revolution Linux, he is Educational Resources Director, bridging the gap between IT and educational needs.


Bob Reselman is a Senior Technical Writer and Technical Editor for Edmunds Inc. Edmunds Inc. is a leading publisher of high volume, high availability, state of the art, Java based Web sites dedicated to empowering the automotive consumer. Experience Edmunds technology by visiting, www.Edmunds.com and www.InsideLine.com.

Bob is the author of many articles and books on computer programming including ASP 3.0 by Example and the novel, Coding Slave.

Policy Analyst and Technology Director
Software Freedom Law Center

Kuhn began volunteering in the Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) Movement in 1992, as an early adopter of the GNU/Linux operating system, and contributor to various FLOSS projects. He worked during the 1990s as a system administrator and software developer for various companies, and taught high school Computer Science (using FLOSS). In 2000, he joined the Free Software Foundation (FSF). From 2001 until 2005, he was FSF's Executive Director, where he led FSF's GPL enforcement efforts, launched the Associate Member program, and invented the Affero GPL. In 2005, he left FSF to join the founding team of the Software Freedom Law Center, where he works as a Policy Analyst and Technology Director. Kuhn holds a summa cum laude B.S. in Computer Science from Loyola University Maryland, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati. Kuhn is also president of the Software Freedom Conservancy, and a member of the autonomo.us network services freedom committee.

Distinguished Engineer
Sun Microsystems

Brian has spent his life working on the details of how to build and scale out systems. He is currently working on a new MicroKernel designed MySQL called Drizzle and is building the plumbing required for a new generation of large scale computer deployment. He also spends time working on Apache Modules, Memcached, and Gearman. He is employed by Sun Microsystems as a Distinguished Engineer.

Unlike most engineers you will never find him in a cubicle, he spends much of his time traveling around the planet enjoying the diversity that is our world. In the past, he has been involved with projects for the Army Engineer Corps, The Virtual Hospital, Splunk, MySQL, and Slashdot. He calls Seattle his home since that is where his dog Rosalynd is.

Tech Director
K-12 Charter School District

Brian Cluff has spent the last 13 years as the tech director of a large
K-12 Charter school district in Arizona.

Previous to that he owned and operated a couple of different successful
Internet service providers.

He is on the Phoenix Linux Users Group steering committee.
In his spare time he enjoys Photography, woodworking, Geocaching and
spending time with his family.

Support Volunteer
One Laptop Per Child/Sugar Labs

Caryl BIgenho is a retired Los Angeles educator She spent 30 years teaching math, science, and computer science and serving as a counselor at the secondary level.

In 2007 she was a "First Day Donor" in OLPCs G1G1 program. Soon after receiving her XO in November 2007, she joined the OLPC support-gang. She continues to volunteer with OLPC and also with Sugar Labs, testing software and providing a teacher's perspective.

At SCaLE 7X, Caryl set up and ran an OLPC booth with XOs for hands-on testing. She spoke at the 2008 CUE conference and presented the XOs at LAUSD's Technology Expo at the LA Convention Center.

This summer she spoke to the Bozeman MT LUG about the OLPC Contributors Program which provides XOs on long term loans for people to do projects that will benefit the OLPC community as a whole.

Although her programming skills stopped with Pascal, her keen interest in technology in the schools and its impact on society continues.


In 2006, Cathy Malmrose started a non-profit, Partimus.org to support OLPC. When technology in education did not take off, she and her husband formed their own company, ZaReason, building mostly Ubuntu laptops, desktops and servers. She built the company leaner, stronger and more precision-driven than the bigger builders and she has greatly enjoyed the support of the community. Not only is she devoted to building computers optimized for free distros, she spent one entire summer traveling up and
down New Zealand coastline searching for the infamous and quiet shy penguins that are one of our mascots.

Manager, Hosting Integration Services
Sony Computer Entertainment America

Chris McEniry left the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a BS-EECS in 2000, and has spent over ten years as an official and unofficial systems administrator. He can most recently be found in Southern California, helping to keep the lights on with Sony Computer Entertainment America (aka Playstation).


Chris St. Pierre is the system administrator at Nebraska Wesleyan University, a small but growing liberal arts university. In his five years there, he has lead a charge to document and modernize the computing infrastructure. He has considerable experience and interest in issues of scalability, business continuity, and automation, and enjoys fighting spam in his spare time.

Christina has been involved in different communities, including the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) movement, the women's movement and academia with experience centered in hacktivism, training and research. A former Managing Director of Internet Rights Bulgaria Foundation and ex-Coordinator of the Women's Information Technology Transfer (WITT), she has dedicated her last years to completing an MA thesis on the topic: Women's Contribution to FOSS Development at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada.
Christina's experience in FOSS is related to participation in creating the FSA – Bulgaria, leading the Legal Case Management (LCM) Project, being a LPI Proctor, a SPIP-bg translator. Long years training experience in strategic communication, website creation and use of FOSS (among which Ubuntu GNU/Linux and Drupal). Christina has given a number of presentations including the Know-How in Mexico city(2006), Oekonux in Manchester, UK(2009), and the FSCONS in Gothenburg, Sweden(2009).


Dan Bode currently works at Reductivelabs, the company behind the open source configuration management tool Puppet. Prior to joining Reductivelabs, he worked as a consultant in Austria implementing a configuration management solution based on Puppet. He thinks that Puppet provides a flexible framework that is perfect for solving a lot of today's infrastructure automation and management problems, and recently joined the company to work on these kinds of solutions. Prior to his configuration management consulting, Dan has worked as a developer as well as an HPC consultant at United Devices.

Presentation: Introduction to Puppet

Board Member

David has been a system administrator at the University of Wisconsin Computer Science Department since 1991, serving as Associate Director of the Computer Systems Lab since 1995, and as Interim Director since April 2009. At the Lab he has worked as a system administrator for various systems and services; as a manager; served on several campus committees; and collaborated with other groups on campus. In the CS Department he works with faculty, staff and graduate students to support and contribute to their research projects and the instructional program. He also trains, manages and work with the undergraduate student system administration staff. Areas of responsibility and experience include policy development, security, network administration, liaison with the research projects, and a overall technical leadership. At various times he have been staff for specific research projects.

In addition to his work at the University, David is active in LOPSA, the League of Professional System Administrators. He is currently on the LOPSA Board of Directors, and gives system administration talks and system administration training at various events. In his free time, he flys single engine prop planes and both plays and officiates ice hockey.

Senior Open Programs Manager

David Recordon is the Senior Open Programs Manager at Facebook, where he leads open source and open standards initiatives. He joined Facebook from Six Apart where he focused on platform strategies, and previously worked at VeriSign in the emerging business group. David has played a pivotal role in the development and popularization of key social media technologies, such as OpenID and OAuth. He collaborated with Brad Fitzpatrick in the development of OpenID, which has since become the most popular decentralized single-sign-on protocol in the history of the Web. In 2007, he became the youngest recipient of the Google-O'Reilly Open Source Award.

Chief Facilitator
GNU Telephony

I am an active maintainer for a number of packages that are part of the GNU project, including GNU Common C , GNU ccScript, GNU ccRTP, and GNU ccAudio, as well as the GNU telephony application server, GNU Bayonne, and GNU SIP Witch call server. I have served as the voluntary chairman of the FSF's DotGNU steering committee (http://www.dotgnu.org), and as the communities elected representative to the International Softswitch Consortium.


der.hans is co-founder of TwoGeekTechs, Director of Engineering at FonWallet Transaction Solutions, founder of ABLEconf, founder of the Free Software Stammtisch and strategic advisor to TEDxPhoenix.

His strong belief in community and education drives his work as an adjunct instructor at Mesa Community College and his efforts with professional and community groups such as the Phoenix Linux Users Group, the League of Professional System Administrators and the Arizona Center for Germanic Cultures.

In his free time he likes to go camping, annually not set himself on fire and learn about sustainable culture. He is slowly learning gardening and loves to brag about his grandma's cheesecakes and Spätzle.

Out of curiosity, Diana attended SCALE 7x in 2009 as a fresh noob to open source and linux. As was the case with many before her, she came out of the expo inspired by the new ideas, the communities and the opportunity to contribute new ideas. Diana now contributes online through forums, personal advocacy, documentation, and bug reports. Furthermore, the expo introduced her to web design, and she has learned to hand code in html/css. Also, the python language has especially caught her attention and she has taught herself to program with the help of books, open courseware, and online tutorials. She is now a happy Ubuntu user and plans to add to her repertoire of programming languages and to help any potential enthusiasts get started.

Diana holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and pre-medical studies from University of California Berkeley. Instead of becoming a doctor, she decided to try other stuff, like high-tech public relations and online marketing. Nowadays, when she is not glued to her computer screen, she is an international flight attendant and enjoys catching glimpses of shooting stars from the window of a 777. She also loves learning new languages, not just those on the computer, and would love a chance to bring tears to your eyes with her French.

Don Marti has written for Linux Weekly News, Linux Journal, and other publications. He co-founded the Linux consulting firm Electric Lichen, which he and business partner Jim Gleason later sold to VA Linux Systems. Don has served as president and vice president of the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group and on the program committees for Uselinux, Codecon, and LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, He was a key organizer for Windows Refund Day, Burn All GIFs Day, FreedomHEC, and the movement to free Dmitry Sklyarov.

Hypertable, Inc.

Doug is the founder and CEO of Hypertable, Inc, a company that provides commercial support for Hypertable, a massively scalable, open source database. Doug started the Hypertable open source project in 2007, while working as an Architect at Zvents, and has been actively building the technology ever since. Doug has over a decade of software engineering experience in the area of distributed computing and information retrieval. He joined Inktomi’s Web Search division in 1997 where he held both engineering and management positions. During his five year tenure, he designed and developed large-scale distributed systems, including significant pieces of the crawling and indexing software. Doug earned a B.S. in Computer Science from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1992 and holds four patents in search technology.

BSD Certification Group

Dru Lavigne is a network and systems administrator, IT instructor, and technical writer. She has over a decade of experience administering and teaching Netware, Microsoft, Cisco, Checkpoint, SCO, Solaris, Linux and BSD systems. A prolific author, she has written for O'Reilly, TechRepublic, DNSStuff, and OpenLogic, contributed to Linux Hacks and Hacking Linux Exposed, and is author of BSD Hacks and The Best of FreeBSD Basics. Her third book, The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD, is due to be released in early 2010.

She is founder and Managing Editor of the Open Source Business Resource, a free monthly publication covering open source and the commercialization of open source assets. She is founder and current Chair of the BSD Certification
Group Inc., a non-profit organization with a mission to create the standard for certifying BSD system administrators.

Presentation: BSD for Linux Users

Emma Jane Hogbin has been working as a web developer since 1996. Her infectious enthusiasm and ability to explain concepts without using technical jargon puts even the greatest technophobes at ease. Passionate about helping people to acquire knowledge, Emma Jane volunteers with the Drupal and Ubuntu documentation teams, has co-authored a best selling book, Front End Drupal, and has written several articles for Linux Pro Magazine. In 2010 she is open sourcing her business with monthly DIY open source business kits (www.100mileclientroster.com).

Well-known in the open source community for her technical knowledge, Emma also uses her enthusiastic Canadian humour to bring open source to a wider audience…such as the Drupal socks and their GPLed pattern. Through her consulting company HICK Tech, and at conferences around the world, Emma Jane has inspired people to overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubt and to tackle problems head-on. She chronicles her adventures at www.emmajane.net.

Internet Startup Technologist

Eric Hammond builds, maintains, and supports a series of popular images for running Ubuntu and Debian on Amazon EC2. Having started with AWS development in 2007, Eric provides support for AWS/EC2 and Ubuntu and has assisted Canonical in the development of the official Ubuntu images for EC2.

Eric has been involved in the technical architecture, development, and leadership of a number of early stage startups including Citysearch.com, Stamps.com, Rent.com, ThisNext.com, and CampusExplorer.com.

The CampusExplorer.com business runs entirely on AWS/EC2 with Ubuntu, MySQL, Perl, Apache, and numerous other open source technologies.


As Chief Technology Officer of DisklessWorkstations.com, Erick strives to provide the Thin Client market with quality hardware solutions. Erick has been involved in the successful deployment of Linux, LTSP and open source solutions for the desktop in retail, manufacturing and distribution since 1995. Erick worked as the Chief Technology Officer for one of the largest retail florists in the country, integrating multiple platforms into one cohesive environment. He also holds a degree in accounting.

Lead Developer

I am the lead developer of GNUstep. I have been on the project since 1999 and have helped to develop significant portions of the project including the InterfaceBuilder equivalent known as Gorm.

I graduated from University Of Maryland At College Park with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.


After many years as a software developer -- first on UNIX, then Linux -- Jake Edge started covering Linux and free software topics for LWN.net. He started free-lancing for LWN in 2003, mostly covering security issues, then joined LWN as full-time editor in 2007. Since that time he has written about a wide variety of topics of interest to free software developers. He lives in western Colorado with his wife Kristine and two loony dogs.

Virtualmin Inc

Jamie is the lead developer of Webmin, a popular open-source system administration tool for Linux and Unix systems. He is also the developer of Virtualmin (a web hosting control panel), and Cloudmin (a control panel for virtual machines using Xen, OpenVZ, KVM and Zones).

Director of Development, Email

Jason Haslup is responsible for the development of Go Daddy Web-based Email and various email products. Jason has also held development and leadership roles in the Shared Hosting product line, with a focus on Linux and Open Source applications.

Prior to joining Go Daddy in 2005, Jason worked as a software developer working primarily in a Linux environment for companies both large and small. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Arizona and a Masters degree in Computer Engineering from NTU. Outside the office, Jason enjoys contributing to Open Source projects, learning new technologies and keeping up with his young daughters.

Director of System Architecture
AT&T Interactive

Jason Heiss has over 10 years of experience as a system administrator and Open Source developer. He is currently the Director of System Architecture at AT&T Interactive. Jason is the principal architect of many of the team's tools that are developed as Open Source projects, including nVentory (asset tracking and configuration management database), etch (system configuration management) and tpkg (application packaging and deployment). Past positions include managing the System Administration team at Yahoo! Search Marketing and system administration and security consulting for the University of Washington, AT&T Wireless and Hughes Space and Communications. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

Field Applications Engineer
MontaVista Software

Jeff Maier is a Field Applications Engineer with MontaVista Software with expertise in Security, Networking and Operating Systems. Jeff started his career writing flight code for GPS satellites as a Summer Technical hire at Rockwell International Space Systems.  He then moved on to create a dozen video games including the "Cabbage Patch Kids" video games for Coleco, and the "Urban Surfin' " and "Air Boardin'" interactive simulators for his company, Surf Systems. Jeff not only wrote the code, but designed and produced the artwork and the music for all of his games. Jeff is an accomplished author and songwriter and his work can be viewed at www.yogishanti.com

President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

John Curran is the President and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), responsible for leading the organization in its mission of managing the distribution of Internet number resources in its geographic region. He was also a founder of ARIN and served as its Chairman from inception through early 2009.

John’s experience in the Internet industry includes serving as CTO and COO for ServerVault, which provides highly secure, fully managed infrastructure solutions for sensitive federal government and commercial applications. Prior to this, he was CTO for XO Communications, and was integral in leading the organization’s technical initiatives, network architecture, and design of leading-edge capabilities built into the company’s nationwide network. Mr. Curran also served as CTO for BBN/GTE Internetworking, where he was responsible for the organization’s strategic technology direction.

Chief Agitator

Jon A. Cruz is a professional developer with over 20 years of experience, working extensively in multimedia, including programming and 3D art creation, and has developed for a wide variety of platforms. Work includes R&D for mobile and other devices, servers for large mail and messaging systems, enterprise security applications, and user interface design and development. Currently he is involved in Open Source as a core developer and board member with Inkscape, is working on more comprehensive integration of LittleCMS and color management features, tablet enhancements and general UI features.

He represents Inkscape with the OpenICC and Create projects, focusing on shared resources and collaboration with other software. He has participated as a mentor in Google's Summer of Code since its first year with Inkscape and recently also for OpenICC. He was a keynote speaker at SVG Open 2008, and presented talks at Linux.conf.au 2009 and 2010, the Libre Graphics Meetings in Lyon and Montreal, and various Java users' groups.

Community Manager

Jono Bacon works at Canonical as the Ubuntu Community Manager, and helps lead the worldwide community of contributors who work on the Ubuntu family of distributions.

He started his work back in 1998, building one of the UK’s first Linux websites, Linux UK, and created a large team of contributors who produced and maintained the site. While at University, Bacon went on to join the KDE project, founded the KDE Usability Study, KDE::Enterprise, wrote some KDE applications and became the UK contact for the project. After he graduated from the University Of Wolverhampton with a Ba(Hon) in Interactive Multimedia Communication, he went on to be a full-time journalist, writing over 400 articles for over 12 magazines and online publishing houses. He also wrote three books – Linux Desktop Hacks (O’Reilly), The Official Ubuntu Book (Prentice Hall) and Practical PHP and MySQL (Prentice Hall).

Presentation: The Engine Of Revolution

PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

Josh Berkus is best known for his role on the Core Team of the world-spanning PostgreSQL Project, but he has been involved in many other open source projects, including CivicDB, Open Source For America, O'Reilly OSCON, Perl, OpenSQL Camp, and several others. He is CEO of PostgreSQL Experts, a professional services company for PostgreSQL applications. And he's a darned good cook.

The Apache Software Foundation

Justin R. Erenkrantz is currently President of The Apache Software Foundation.
He received his PhD from the University of California, Irvine. He has been a
long-time contributor to the Apache HTTP Server, Subversion, APR, Serf,
mod_mbox, and flood.

Software Freedom Law Center

Karen Sandler is an attorney with the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) and serves as an officer of the Software Freedom Conservancy. Prior to joining SFLC, she worked as an associate at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP and Clifford Chance. Sandler received her law degree from Columbia Law School, where she was a Kent Scholar and co-founder of the Columbia Science and Technology Law Review. Sandler received her bachelor's degree in engineering from The Cooper Union.

Sr. Community Gardener
Red Hat

Karsten is a 15 year IT industry veteran, a long time Fedora Project contributor, and general open source iconoclast. As a member of the industry leading open source community team at Red Hat, Karsten has seen, done, and recovered from many open community mistakes. Through mistakes, learning; through learning, advancement. By teaching and learning with others, we improve the fabric of all open source communities.

Linux Journal

Katherine Druckman is an HTML-flinging, PHP-hacking Linux Journal Webmistress by day, and a refined connoisseur of hostoric architecture and fine Chinese ceramics by night. She usually can be found surrounded by the charm of aging Texas buildings from the pioneer days or appreciating ceramics of the Song and Qing dynasties. Well, either that or sitting in a comfy chair with a laptop. Yeah, probably the laptop thing.

Now in her third year heading all things LinuxJournal.com, Katherine's experiences in web publishing for the open source audience have strengthened her stance as an impassioned Drupal fangirl.

Presentation: The One Woman Web Team

Technical Training Resources, Inc.

Keith Wright has been using Linux since 1993, primarily distributions from the Redhat. He holds RHCE, A+, Network+ and LInux+ certifications. For the last fifteen years, he has worked as an Instructor teaching computer classes for business students. Currently, he is employed by Technical Training Resources and teaches Redhat courses, Python programming and project management.

Presentation: Troubleshooting Linux

Ken has been working in the IT field since the early 80's, first as a hardware tech whose oscilloscope was always by his side, and currently as a system administrator and consultant. Ken began working with Unix in 1989 with Digital Equipment Corporations Ultrix and with Linux since 1995. Supporting both Windows and Linux, Windows keeps him consistently busy while Linux keeps his job fun.

Systems Architect
QuinStreet, Inc.

Kyle Rankin is a systems architect for Quinstreet Inc.; the current president of the North Bay Linux Users' Group; the author of The Official Ubuntu Server Book, Knoppix Hacks, Knoppix Pocket Reference, Linux Multimedia Hacks, and Ubuntu Hacks; and a contributer to a number of other O'Reilly books. Rankin is a columnist for Linux Journal, has written for PC Magazine, TechTarget websites and other publications. He speaks frequently on Open Source software including at OSCON, Linux World Expo, Penguicon, and a number of Linux Users' Groups.

Creator and Host
The Going Linux Podcast

Larry Bushey is the creator and host of the Going Linux Podcast. As a technology advocate, Larry uses his communication and facilitation skills to help computer users build their confidence and competence with alternative technologies, such as open source software, and with mainstream commercial applications as well.

Larry's broad background in professional training, technology management, management and sales gives him a unique perspective on using today's technology to get things done. Creator, producer and host of a top-rated Internet audio program, Larry has been helping computer users on-line since 2005, with practical, day-to-day advice on how to use their personal technology.

Presentation: Linux For Windows Users

Mirano is 12 years old and attends school in Aptos, CA. She is interested in art, computer games, music, role play, food, and writing. Mirano may never give you a serious answer about what she sees in her future, but she might say, "Stay tuned for more processing information ..."

Malakai is 12 years old and homeschools in Santa Cruz, CA. Malakai's passions include music, dance, theater, fashion, writing, art & manga, and role play. If you ask her what she wants to do when she is older, she is likely to say, "Please wait patiently until I have more information."

Saskia is 8 years old and homeschools in Santa Cruz, CA. Her favorite things include dance, music, reading, role play, sports, and going to the beach. Saskia probably won't tell you what she wants to do later in life, and that's OK.

Deputy Director
CodePlex Foundation

Mark Stone has a long history with collaborative communities. At O'Reilly he was Executive Editor for Open Source, Editor–in–Chief of the Journal of Linux Technology, co–edited the seminal essay volume Open Sources, and participated in the first Open Source Summit. At VA Linux Systems Mark led the web arm of VA's open source evangelism effort, supervising the Linux.com launch team and working as part of the executive team behind SourceForge.net and Slashdot.org. As director of SourceForge's developer relations program, Mark provided guidance to technology companies looking to interface with the open source community. More recently Mark has been consulting with Microsoft's Platform Strategy team helping evolve Microsoft's global open source strategy. His current position is as Deputy Director of the newly launched CodePlex Foundation, dedicated to helping corporations like Microsoft increase their participation in open source projects.

Matthew Tippett has been involved one way or another with Linux or it's community since 1992.

Recent work has been with Phoronix Media defining features and functions with the Phoronix Test Suite, a benchmarking and validation test suit for Linux and other Unix OSes.

Professionally, Matthew manages teams of engineers developing Linux drivers at Palm, and previously at AMD.

Technical Marketing
Sun Microsystems

Mike Barrett is an eleven year veteran at Sun Microsystems. He has held a variety of positions during his tenure at Sun that range from being a Sun Service technical support engineer, a global sustaining engineer for Solaris unbundled applications and utilities, a member of the technical staff in Sun's system management application partnering engineering, a field readiness engineer, and worked in ISV awareness teams within the systems manageability and virtualization groups. Mike currently is a member of the technical marketing staff that represents datacenter software products at Sun. Throughout his career, Mike has specialized in Sun infrastructure management. Mike was a triple major at Boston College located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts where he received his bachelors of science (B.S) in Finance, Marketing, and Information Systems.

CK-12 Foundation

Murugan Pal a serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, Bay Area, USA. Murugan is currently the Co-Founder & President of CK-12 Foundation. CK-12 is a non-profit organization launched in 2006, that aims to reduce the cost of textbook materials for the K-12 market both in the US and worldwide. Prior to CK-12, Murugan had a brief tenure with Foundation Capital as Entrepreneur-In-Residence. Previously, Murugan was the founder and CTO of SpikeSource. Before founding SpikeSource, Pal was an entrepreneur-in-residence with venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers. Previously, he was a Founding Engineer of e-business software company Asera, Inc. Before Asera, Pal was a principal developer at Oracle Corporation in the Application Server division and was part of the company's early XML initiatives. Prior to Oracle, he was one of the lead developers of Versant Corporations Object Database. Pal has worked on real-time enterprise technologies, composite applications, service-oriented architecture runtimes, relational databases, object databases, and robotics and manufacturing automation.
Pal holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, affiliated to Madurai University in India, a Masters in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University, a Masters in Computer Science from Arizona State University, and was a Doctoral Candidate in Industrial Engineering at Arizona State University.

Presentation: TextBooks 2.0

The Academy Dental Practice

Neil is a dentist who's interest in GNU/linux and open source applications co-incided with a deep disastisfaction with his commercial IT solutions supplier.

This prompted him to develop his own client/server application from scratch to run in his sucessful, multi surgery practice.

Along the way, Neil had to learn python, pyqt, version control, make licensing decisions, debian packaging, gnu translation tools and the list continues.

Neil does not claim to be anything other than an enthusiastic amateur is all these technologies, but he wants to get the message across that ANYONE can create their own IT solutions if they have the desire and passion to learn.

Software Strategist
Intel Corporation

Pete Kronowitt is a Software Strategist in Intel's Open Source Technology Center and is responsible for developing and managing the worldwide program for Linux operating system vendors. Peter has more than 20 years in the high-tech sector, with IBM, Xircom and more than fourteen years with Intel. He has led global teams for market and platform roadmap development in the worldwide channel and directed software ecosystem relationships for new Intel platform introductions. Peter has held positions as board observer at JBoss as part of an Intel Capital equity investment, was a founding and Steering Committee member of the Open Business Readiness Rating, and Steering Committee Vice Chair for the Open Source Development Lab Desktop Linux Working Group. Pete also participates on several open source company's advisory boards.

Pete’s personal interests include writing music and he has three professionally produced and original music CDs (www.petekronowitt.com). Pete is local to Southern California and presently lives in Santa Monica, California with his wife Natalie.

Presentation: The latest on Moblin


For the past decade, Ragi has worked on projects to build/revamp/maintain core technologies/data pipelines for different multinational companies as well as provided solutions for organizations like the National GeoSpatial Agency (formerly NIMA), National Geographic, United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, Navteq, TeleAtlas and several International Governments.

Currently, he runs his own geospatial consulting company and during his spare time, he is an active member of OSGeo where he promotes the use of Open Source Geospatial solutions.

General Manager
Stonehenge Consulting Services Inc.

Randal L. Schwartz is a renowned expert on the Perl and Smalltalk programming languages, having contributed to a dozen top-selling books on the subject, and over 250 magazine articles. Schwartz runs a Perl and Smalltalk training and consulting company (Stonehenge Consulting Services, Inc of Portland, Oregon), and is a highly sought-after speaker for his masterful stage combination of technical skill, comedic timing, and crowd rapport. And he’s a pretty good Karaoke singer, winning contests regularly.

Open Source Licensing and Patent Counsel
Red Hat, Inc.

Richard Fontana is Red Hat's Open Source Licensing Counsel. At Red Hat he spends most of his time advising developers about licensing, copyright and patent issues, educating non-developers about FOSS legal culture, and promoting open standards and intellectual property law reform.

Before joining Red Hat, Fontana was an attorney at the Software Freedom Law Center, where his principal client was the Free Software Foundation. He was co-author, with Richard Stallman and Eben Moglen, of the GNU GPL, version 3.

Associate Publisher
Linux New Media

Rikki Kite, Associate Publisher of Linux Pro Magazine and Ubuntu User, has worked in high-tech print publishing for more than a decade. Rikki has an English BA and a
Master's of Science in Journalism. She actively encourages women in open source to write articles, speak at industry events, and to become more visible in the community. For more information about what women in open source are up to, visit: http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/roseblog

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Rob Savoye is a long-time developer for the GNU project. Rob has been programming for 32 years, Rob started working with GCC & GDB in the 1980s, joined Cygnus Support in the beginning, and has worked on many GNU projects from GCC, GDB, newlib, autotools, and Cygwin, to various bits of GNU/Linux. Rob is also the primary author of libgloss, DejaGnu, GnuAE, PowerGuru, and lately Gnash. Rob was also the software architect of eCOS, and somehow wound up as a listed NASA inventor.

Principle Member of Technial Staff
Sandia National Labs

Ron has been involved in High Performance Computing for 21 years, 15 of them with Linux. He is the inventor of LinuxBIOS and wrote the first version of the v9fs file system in the Linux kernel (now called 9p). He has recently been working on booting 10 million virtual machines.

Creative Director
Trinity Audio Group Inc.

Creative Director Trinity Audio Group Inc.

Development Projects - Trinity DAW, a hand held Linux based recording studio with professional inputs and outputs.

Commercial Projects - Indamixx Portable Studio
Mobile DAW products utilizing UMPC, Netbook and Ultra Thin platforms.

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Russell Miller is a Linux/Unix Systems Administrator with 12 years of experience administering all kinds of Unix-compatible systems, including Digital Unix, Solaris, and most importantly, Linux. He has administered environments of up to four thousand Linux servers. He has written several open source programs and worked on several more, including KDE and the Linux Kernel. He lives in Tustin, CA and currently works at a midsized Internet company in Irvine. His hobbies are piano playing and getting chewed on by his kitten.

Sarah Mei has been doing cutting-edge software development for more than 10 years. In 2009 she co-founded RailsBridge, a nonprofit dedicated to keeping the community around Ruby and Rails open and welcoming to all. As the lead of the Open Workshop project at RailsBridge, she organizes and teaches free workshops in San Francisco for women who want to learn Ruby on Rails. Last year over 200 women and girls learned Ruby through her efforts, and in 2010, her goal is to reach 500 more.

Software Developer
Atomic Object

Shawn Anderson is a software developer for Atomic Object and a ruby evangelist. He is an avid user of open source software and Linux. He has been developing with ruby since 2004 and currently spends his free cycles working on game development in ruby.


Shawn Pearce is the second in command of the Git project. He has been actively involved in the project since early 2006, contributing more than 1300 changes in 3 years. Shawn is the author of git-gui, a Tk based graphical interface shipped with git, and git-fast-import, a stream based import system often used for converting projects to git. Besides being the primary author of both git-gui and git-fast-import, Shawn's opinion, backed by his code, has influenced many key design decisions that form the modern git implementation.

In early 2006 Shawn also founded the JGit project, creating a 100% pure Java reimplementation of the Git version control system. The JGit library can often be found in Java based products that interact with Git, including plugins for Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs, the Hudson CI server, Apache Maven, and Gerrit Code Review, a peer code review system specially designed for Git. Today he continues to develop and maintain JGit, EGit, and Gerrit Code Review.

Associate Editor
Linux Journal

Shawn Powers is one of the Linux Journal editors. He also creates tutorial videos for the Linux Journal website, which teach a variety of Linux skills. Whether he's teaching commandline 101 or how to pull pranks on fellow Linux users -- his videos are always entertaining, and usually educational. Shawn also reviews products and writes columns for Linux Journal's monthly print magazine. But that's not even his "day job." During the daytime, he is the Technology Director for a school district in northern Michigan, where he has implemented Linux thin clients, and overhauled the server room with all sorts of penguiny goodness. While his family of wife and 3 daughters are his top priority, they will all attest to the fact that he evangelizes about Linux at every opportunity. Sometimes they wish he would talk about something else. Check out his professional work at www.linuxjournal.com, or his personal quirkiness at www.brainofshawn.com. If you're a Twitter type person, he's there too. (shawnp0wers on twitter)


Ski's system administration career started when he was a mechanical engineer at a large company and they needed someone to maintain their data collection systems. After 10 years he was leading teams that maintained several hundred AIX workstations. The next 10 years he spent in IT management for small software firms leading teams of 3 to 10 people. He currently works as the system administrator for a school district supporting 100+ servers along with 6000 Mac workstations and is the owner of CCK Technologies which provides technology consulting for school districts and small software companies.

Ski has extensive experience with the challenges of small to medium business and education infrastructure buildouts, IT team creation, and Unix. Ski is a director of LOPSA, the League of Professional System Administrators and an active member of SASAG, the Seattle Area System Administrator Guild. He has taught classes in Linux, Perl, C, C++, and Operating Systems at Bellevue Community College and City University and given talks at SASAG and LinuxFest NW events.

In his free time, Ski is a member of KCESAR, King County Explorer Search and Rescue and loves to hike, bike, kayak, and nordic ski (of course) with his family in the Seattle WA area.

Sr. System Administrator
Sosbuzz, Inc.

Solomon Chang is a MySQL certified DBA and the current president of LAMPSIG. He works as a professional System Administrator in Glendale, CA., and is a co-author of the MySQL Cluster Certification Study Guide.

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Community Manager

Stephen Spector brings more than 15 years' experience and success in software engineering, product marketing, and developer and alliance marketing programs to the Xen.org community as the current community program manager. He has spent more than 10 years at Citrix founding the Citrix Developer Network and supporting the release of the first Windows CE 1.0 client, as well as working on various marketing and alliance programs. He has previously held various positions at Turbolinux, Racal Datacom, and Siemens. Stephen holds an MBA from Florida Atlantic University, an MS in computer science from the University of Florida, and a BS in computer engineering from The Ohio State University.

Steve Oualline is a professional software engineer who's worked for Qualcomm, Nokia, HP, and other companies. He is the author of over a dozen books on programming and open source including "Vim (Vi Improved).

Steven Doran is a software developer in the Aerospace field and has developed a variety of embedded software applications for Space, Air, and Sea including the F-22 Inertial Navigation System, the Expendable Mine Detection System, and Satellite Attitude Control. Steven Doran graduated at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a degree in Computer Science and is currently enrolled in the Computer Science Graduate program at Loyola Marymount University.

The OpenNMS Group, Inc.

Tarus Balog has more than 20 years of network management experience in the telecom and datacom industries. As "The Mouth of OpenNMS," he is currently a maintainer of the OpenNMS open source network management project and CEO of The OpenNMS Group.

Technology Coordinator
Westside Neighborhood School

Tim Stutt is technology coordinator and teacher at Westside Neighborhood School in Los Angeles, CA. He has worked with GCompris as a computer instructor since 2006. Tim earned his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Haverford College, and completed his teaching credential at San Francisco State University.

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