the eLearning XHTML editor


This session includes a contextual overview, a walk through and a few basic demonstrations of how to use this off-line XHTML editor which has been specifically designed to construct and package instructional based course materials for LMS distribution.

Easily develop standard based SCORM content for Learning Management Systems like moodle with eXe - the eLearning XHTML editor. If you can use a word processor to create lesson plans, you can use a tool like eXE Learning.

eXe Learning is one of the best editors for creating standards based, multi-platform SCORM content without any prior knowledge of SCORM, HTML or XML. eXe Learning's free license makes it extremely attractive for instructors and course designers. With the iDevices, eXe Learning is following a strategy of extending the tool. The integration of Flash films and Java applets are easy with the tool.

Speaker: Kenneth Wyrick

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