Caryl Bigenho

Support Volunteer
One Laptop Per Child/Sugar Labs

Caryl BIgenho is a retired Los Angeles educator She spent 30 years teaching math, science, and computer science and serving as a counselor at the secondary level.

In 2007 she was a "First Day Donor" in OLPCs G1G1 program. Soon after receiving her XO in November 2007, she joined the OLPC support-gang. She continues to volunteer with OLPC and also with Sugar Labs, testing software and providing a teacher's perspective.

At SCaLE 7X, Caryl set up and ran an OLPC booth with XOs for hands-on testing. She spoke at the 2008 CUE conference and presented the XOs at LAUSD's Technology Expo at the LA Convention Center.

This summer she spoke to the Bozeman MT LUG about the OLPC Contributors Program which provides XOs on long term loans for people to do projects that will benefit the OLPC community as a whole.

Although her programming skills stopped with Pascal, her keen interest in technology in the schools and its impact on society continues.

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