Seaside: Your next Web Framework


A brief introduction to Seaside - a revolutionary web framework running on most of the current open source and commercial Smalltalk implementations

Sure, Smalltalk is where we got our modern view of windows and mice and “the desktop” and object-oriented programming and extreme programming two decades ago, but what has Smalltalk done for us lately?

I’ll answer this by showing off the Seaside web application framework. Imagine being able to debug a broken web-hit in the middle of the hit, fixing the code, and continuing before the browser knows that something went wrong. Imagine being able to reuse control flows and web components with the ease of OO programming. Imagine being able to do test-driven development, even for HTML delivery.

Imagine taking an application from “three guys in Starbucks on a laptop” to “3000 hits per second on your Amazon EC2 cloud” with no major changes in design. No need to imagine…

I’ll demonstrate all this and more.

Smalltalk knowledge is not required: I’ll start with a brief overview of Smalltalk using Squeak, the free implementation that’s even included in the OLPC XO. General knowledge of Object-oriented Programming basics would be helpful, though.

Speaker: Randal Schwartz

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