The latest on Moblin


Moblin is an open source project focused on building a Linux-based platform optimized for the next generation of mobile devices including Netbooks, Mobile Internet Devices, and In-vehicle infotainment systems.

We will review the latest highlights for Moblin, a Linux operating system project optimized for the Intel® Atom™ processor based platforms such as Netbooks, Nettops, MIDs, IVI and a broad array of embedded devices. The newest version of Moblin provides optimizations such as fast boot, extended battery life, a small footprint, an outstanding visual user experience for internet browsing, media consumption and social networking and application compatibility across product segments.

Moblin is hosted at the Linux Foundation’s , and is an open source project where key Moblin technologies are incubated and enhanced by the Linux open source community. Moblin based operating system products are created and distributed by Linux Operating System Vendors.

Moblin is poised to change how Linux is utilized on devices. Period.

Speaker: Pete Kronowitt

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