TextBooks 2.0


Using an open-source, web-based model termed the "FlexBook," this talk will present our efforts to pioneer the generation and distribution of high quality educational webtexts that will serve both as source materials for a student's learning and, as well,

"FlexBooks" are a more flexible and less expensive system for creating and distributing books and online content. They contain high quality online content and are easy to create, update and print. They provide a new system that will follow an open source philosophy to place content online that can be "mixed, modified and printed", following the models of Apache.org and Wikipedia.org.

CK-12 moderates the expansion of its content base while creating a framework for aligning its assets with an expanding base of learning standards. CK-12 intends to make use of the Creative Commons attribution license, which grants freedom to anyone to use and reuse its core materials.

Speaker: Murugan Pal

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