Linux Pro Audio


An overview of Linux Pro Audio past, present and future.

Past: Brief examination of the state of Linux Pro Audio in 2005 discussing available distros, open projects, state of the kernel, and state of real time RT.

Present: Where Linux Pro Audio is at now including maturing projects, what is happening today. Linux Pro Audio as a serious contender to consider as compared to legacy based platforms and recording studio solutions including bleeding edge developments.
Topics include Ardour, LV2, VST's, real time RT, cross platform integration, Linux Pro Audio competing and succeeding in the commercial marketplace and how?

Future: What's missing in Linux Pro Audio that will give the most compelling argument that the Linux platform provides the most complete audio production solution from roll your own distros to enterprise class products.
Topics include: More VST's written in Linux and porting to Linux , Ardour 3.0, ported to Linux application such as Renoise and energy XT, better integration, where Linux finally has a foothold in the market (ie: netbooks), and finally, the 'killer app'?

How to's:
Hot Rodding your netbook and make it your mobile recording studio.

I will have free copies of our distro on CD for those who attend my session. The distro is an Audio OS called Transmission 3.0.

Speaker: Ronald Stewart

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