Learning python for non-programmers


An introduction to python and an overview of its useful applications. Intended for those with little to no experience with programming/pythoneering.

This presentation is a gentle introduction to the free-to-use Python programming language, for beginners from the perspective of a beginner. The talk provides a quick and intuitive tutorial on how to create a simple interactive game using Python. This tutorial will go over the interpreter, basic syntax and semantics in a script, the standard library, and choosing a text editor. Additionally, there will be an overview of Python's efficiency as a dynamic language as well as its many useful applications. The increasingly popular Python can be used for anything from banal tasks to large applications in domains, such as web application development, database access, games, education, and more. The remaining time will be dedicated to a discussion of how to best find suitable learning materials, documentation, and guides (online, books, classes) for new programming languages.

Speaker: Diana Chen

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