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Interview with a SCALE attendee

At lunch on Friday at SCALE, I struck up a conversation with an attendee.   It was illuminating, and as a result I asked Steve Garcia from CSU Bakersfield how he came to be at SCALE.  This interview was the result.

Steve, what's your educational background?

Interview: Thomas Williams at Google Santa Monica

Google has been a sponsor and/or participant at SCALE events for over 5 years now.  Leading up to SCALE 8x we had the opportunity to speak with Thomas Williams at their Santa Monica office to learn a bit about the types of positions Google recruits for at SCALE, as well as tips for potential candidates.  

SCALE: Can you share a little about your background and current position with

SCALE 8x: The Video

From the SCALE Archives

Since I'm involved with the SoCal Linux Expo, I'm there every year.  Sometimes my wife Beth comes, sometimes she doesn't.   She decided to pass on SCALE8X and  stay at home.

When I returned home, I found a totebag from the first SCALE laying on the bed. She had decided to clean out some stuff, and discovered it buried in the inner depths of some  closet.

Saturday Evening Update

Two of SCALE8X's three days are complete.  Attendance has been excellent; somewhat more than last year, although we'll have to wait until Registration has closed Sunday to do the final year over year comparison.

And the weather cooperated - while we had showers overnight Friday into Saturday, Saturday dawned clear with scattered clouds.

Traffic on the Expo floor has been so heavy that several of the vendors had run out of their giveaway items by Saturday midafternoon.

Interview with Russell Miller on Automated Deployments

Submitted by guest interviewer Matthew Sacks, of TheBitSource.

Russell Miller has been a systems administrator and engineer for 12 years, and has worked in every IT environment from mom-and-pop companies up to multi-datacenter high-traffic Internet companies having up to 4 thousand servers.

Interview with Don Marti on git and the SCALE Git Panel

Submitted by guest interviewer Matthew Sacks, of TheBitSource.

Don Marti has been a writer for Linux Weekly News, Linux Journal, and other publications. He co-founded the Electric LIchen Consulting firm, which he and Jim Gleason sold to VA Linux Systems.

Eric Hammond on Deploying Linux on EC2

By SCALE Guest Blogger Matthew Sacks, The Bitsource

Eric Hammond is an expert in the practical aspects of running Ubuntu on Amazon EC2. Since 2007, Eric has supported this platform creating public Amazon Machine Images (AMI's), publishing articles, guiding users in public forums, and occasional private consulting.

SCALE registration surges ahead of previous years

While it's always dangerous making predictions about attendance at SCALE, the SCALE staff watches pre-registrations closely.  That's not only for revenue purposes, but to get a sense of how successful the Expo may be (we really CARE about the show - can you tell??)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Linux Desktop with SCALE UpSCALE Speaker Christian Hergert

SCALE had the priviledge to sit down with long time free & open source software contributor Christrian Hergert.  Christian shared his views & opinions on the current state and future of the FOSS desktop, as well as what the FOSS community can learn from the commercial powerhouses.

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