So, You Think You Want to Start an Open Source Business


Learn about what it takes to run a business based on open source software from someone who has made his living at it for over 8 years.

Running a business based on open source software is very much like running any kind of business. One needs a product, customers and some way to make money. In other ways it can be very different.

This talk uses the Hasbro game of "Life" as a metaphor for the process of starting such a venture. The speaker will use anecdotes from his eight years of running OpenNMS to illustrate most of the points.

While not a "how-to" guide, attendees will learn a lot of things to consider when deciding to start their own business. It is hoped that some of the pitfalls, speed bumps and land mines can be avoided, but in any case it is sure to be entertaining.

Speaker: Tarus Balog

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