The One Woman Web Team


Tackle a web project by yourself with open source software, and without losing your mind.

Taking on a large-scale web project without the support of a full-time team is not for the faint of heart, but (especially in this economy) there are many scenarios where a woman might find herself doing just that. This talk will cover tackling such a project with open source software, and without losing your mind. Here's a hint: behind every woman there should be several other women offering mentorship, guidance and support.

We'll discuss the importance of knowing when and how to ask for help, and why sometimes it really is best to ask another woman. We'll look at opportunities for both technical and moral support from the community, and also opportunities to potentially contribute back to the communities of which you are a part. Additionally, we'll cover the ways in which we can draw on our diverse backgrounds and experiences to accomplish great things on the web, and why the most valuable contributors to the web of tomorrow may be women who are currently studying Economics or Art. Finally, we'll touch on some useful strategies for maximizing your time, honing your skills, achieving balance, and avoiding pitfalls.

Topics covered:
*open source web platforms for your project (Drupal, etc)
*Developing your plan of attack
*Identifying your strengths and weaknesses
*Community Resources and mentorship
*Organizing your project (a.k.a. "help others help you!")
*Drawing inspiration from non-technical disciplines
*Avoiding common time-wasters and learning from your own and others' mistakes


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