Saving Money by Using Linux to Deploy Windows


Keep a Microsoft Windows desktop, but save money by using GNU/Linux to implement it. Save even more money by switching to Free Software applications. Employees don't have a visible difference on their desktops. Companies get to save money and IT effort.

Using GNU/Linux to deploy Microsoft Windows in a multi-campus K12 environment reduces annual desktop and server licensing costs. In this session, you'll learn how to realize many of the benefits of Free Software without visibly changing the end-user desktop experience. You can realize additional savings by moving to Free Software applications.

Students, teachers and staff get to keep using the same software software they are used to, but with better stability and flexibility. Using GNU/Linux as the deployment infrastructure also improves security and reduces firefighting for IT.

The presentation also includes tips on how to get users to request Free Software rather than forcing them to move over.

Speaker: Brian Cluff

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