PANEL: Git Tips and Tricks


Users of the git revision control system discuss tips, configuration and tools for using it effectively.

Major free software projects including Linux, Samba,
and X are relying on git, and software collaboration
sites including GitHub, Gitorious, and Sourceforge
support it. But more than any other revision control
system, git has spawned a bewildering array of hacks,
hooks, and alternate workflows.

This panel discussion will bring together a variety of
git users--who use it for tasks such as open-source
and in-house software projects, a public web site,
system administration, a wiki, and small-scale
individual projects. As panel moderator, I'll
coordinate the panelists to discuss deploying
and managing software with git, how to implement
policy and workflow (including how to use git as a
centralized revision control system), and the ultimate
git hook: a git-backed wiki.

The panel should inform Linux users who just want to
follow the latest version of their favorite software
or track down a bug with "git bisect," help webmasters
and sysadmins who want something more than rsync,
and of course give software developers some ideas
about productive ways to work together.

Speaker: Don Marti
Speaker: Jason Haslup
Speaker: Shawn Pearce
Speaker: Doug Judd

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