OpenSolaris: The Other White Meat


OpenSolaris can offer users a powerful and innovative alternative to traditional community OS choices.

OpenSolaris attacks the four problem areas in an unique manner. Through the remainder of the paper we will examine each of the 4 problems areas declared above. We will look over the historical problems consumers of Operating Systems face and detail how OpenSolaris solves those problems with examples.

1.) CPU/MEM access layer

Kernel = Solaris Kernel
Virtualization = VirtualBox, Xen, Containers, LDOMs

2.) File System/Disk/Storage layer

File System = Zettabyte File System
Universal Storage Framework = COMSTAR

3.) Runtime layer

System Services = Service Management Facility
Fault Management = Fault Management Architectures
Process Diagnostics = Dynamic Tracing
Network Virtualization = Crossbow

4.) User Access layer

User Administration = Java Panels
Windowing Environment = GNOME/compiz
User Applications = Mozilla/OpenOffice/MySQL
Developer = GNU/Netbeans/AMP stack/SourceJuicer
Network Installation = Automated Installer/Distro-Contructor
Software Management = Image Packaging System
Security = Role Based Access, audit, file fingerprint, Least Privilege, Privacy Levels

Speaker: Michael Barrett

Copyright 2002-2010 Linux Expo of Southern California. All Rights Reserved.