Diana Chen

Out of curiosity, Diana attended SCALE 7x in 2009 as a fresh noob to open source and linux. As was the case with many before her, she came out of the expo inspired by the new ideas, the communities and the opportunity to contribute new ideas. Diana now contributes online through forums, personal advocacy, documentation, and bug reports. Furthermore, the expo introduced her to web design, and she has learned to hand code in html/css. Also, the python language has especially caught her attention and she has taught herself to program with the help of books, open courseware, and online tutorials. She is now a happy Ubuntu user and plans to add to her repertoire of programming languages and to help any potential enthusiasts get started.

Diana holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and pre-medical studies from University of California Berkeley. Instead of becoming a doctor, she decided to try other stuff, like high-tech public relations and online marketing. Nowadays, when she is not glued to her computer screen, she is an international flight attendant and enjoys catching glimpses of shooting stars from the window of a 777. She also loves learning new languages, not just those on the computer, and would love a chance to bring tears to your eyes with her French.

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