Getting the word out: free software project promotion


How to promote free software projects to attract users, developers, translators, content creators, and more.

While some developers are happy working alone on a project for their own use, many others would rather build a community of developers, users, content creators, translators, and so on. In order for that to happen, the word needs to get out -- people need to know about the project and what it
is trying to accomplish. There are lots of ways to do that, but many projects make it unnecessarily hard for interested folks to find out what they are up to. Because of that, good work languishes, opportunities for cross-pollination between projects are lost, and free software is not as
good as it could be.

This talk will give some guidelines and ideas for projects that want to do a better job of presenting what they do to the greater free software
world. We'll cover things like interfacing with the press, using blogs and mailing lists, web site organization, and more. Participants should leave
with a much better idea of how to make a bigger splash with their projects.

Speaker: Jake Edge

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