Shawn Powers

Associate Editor
Linux Journal

Shawn Powers is one of the Linux Journal editors. He also creates tutorial videos for the Linux Journal website, which teach a variety of Linux skills. Whether he's teaching commandline 101 or how to pull pranks on fellow Linux users -- his videos are always entertaining, and usually educational. Shawn also reviews products and writes columns for Linux Journal's monthly print magazine. But that's not even his "day job." During the daytime, he is the Technology Director for a school district in northern Michigan, where he has implemented Linux thin clients, and overhauled the server room with all sorts of penguiny goodness. While his family of wife and 3 daughters are his top priority, they will all attest to the fact that he evangelizes about Linux at every opportunity. Sometimes they wish he would talk about something else. Check out his professional work at, or his personal quirkiness at If you're a Twitter type person, he's there too. (shawnp0wers on twitter)

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