Christina Haralanova

Christina has been involved in different communities, including the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) movement, the women's movement and academia with experience centered in hacktivism, training and research. A former Managing Director of Internet Rights Bulgaria Foundation and ex-Coordinator of the Women's Information Technology Transfer (WITT), she has dedicated her last years to completing an MA thesis on the topic: Women's Contribution to FOSS Development at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada.
Christina's experience in FOSS is related to participation in creating the FSA – Bulgaria, leading the Legal Case Management (LCM) Project, being a LPI Proctor, a SPIP-bg translator. Long years training experience in strategic communication, website creation and use of FOSS (among which Ubuntu GNU/Linux and Drupal). Christina has given a number of presentations including the Know-How in Mexico city(2006), Oekonux in Manchester, UK(2009), and the FSCONS in Gothenburg, Sweden(2009).

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