We're always looking for help!  If you would like to volunteer for one of these SCALE committees, please email the committee chair.

Conference Chairperson: Ilan Rabinovitch

Phone: 1+1.877.831.2569 Ext 110

Operations Committee Chairperson: Gareth J. Greenaway

Phone: +1.877.831.2569 Ext 130

Vice-Chairperson: Hriday Balachandran

Community Relations Chairperson: Gareth J. Greenaway

Phone: +1.877.831.2569 Ext 130

Members: Meryle Swartz, Jeff Carlson, Marc Provitt, Avni Khatri

Technical Committee Chairperson: Mike Maki

Members: Stuart Sheldon, Nick Sheldon, Steve Glasser , Mason Maki

Sponsorship Committee Chairperson: Ilan Rabinovitch

Phone: 818-442-1865

Speakers Committee Chairperson: Shyam Kapadia

Members: Karthik Dantu, Tim Frichtel

Public Relations Committee Co-Chairpersons: Orv Beach, Larry Cafiero

Members: Mike Yockey, Dennis Rex, Jason Riker, Samantha Le, Scott Ruecker

Web Subcommittee Web Lead: Matthew Gallizzi, Notix Technical Solutions

Graphics Committee: Chairperson: Ron Golan

In addition, we have email mailing lists for the Southern California Linux Expo.

They can be found here.


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