David Parter

Board Member

David has been a system administrator at the University of Wisconsin Computer Science Department since 1991, serving as Associate Director of the Computer Systems Lab since 1995, and as Interim Director since April 2009. At the Lab he has worked as a system administrator for various systems and services; as a manager; served on several campus committees; and collaborated with other groups on campus. In the CS Department he works with faculty, staff and graduate students to support and contribute to their research projects and the instructional program. He also trains, manages and work with the undergraduate student system administration staff. Areas of responsibility and experience include policy development, security, network administration, liaison with the research projects, and a overall technical leadership. At various times he have been staff for specific research projects.

In addition to his work at the University, David is active in LOPSA, the League of Professional System Administrators. He is currently on the LOPSA Board of Directors, and gives system administration talks and system administration training at various events. In his free time, he flys single engine prop planes and both plays and officiates ice hockey.

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