As CTO and Co-founder, AB sets the vision and strategy for the Gluster product platform. Prior to Gluster, AB served as CTO at California Digital Corporation, where his work led to the scaling of the commodity cluster computing to supercomputing class performance. He drove the adoption of cluster computing and GNU/Linux at enterprise data centers and helped close strategic accounts at CDC. In 2004, AB led the development of the world's second fastest Supercomputer "Thunder", for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. AB also serves on the board of "Free Software Foundation - India". He is the author / contributor of various other Free Software projects like GNU FreeIPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface), GNU Garp (Gratuitous ARP Daemon), bios-config (edit/replicate CMOS parameters), librpci/hdb (RPC interpose for GNU Hurd) and Hymn/PlayFair (iTunes ripper), GNU Freetalk (Scheme extensible messenger for Jabber, Google talk), and Freehoo (Scheme extensible messenger for YahooIM). He holds a Computer Science Engineering degree from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India.


Adam Jacob is a co-founder of Opscode and the creator of Chef. Prior to Opscode, he founded HJK Solutions, an automated infrastructure consultancy. During two years at HJK, he built new infrastructures for 15 different startups. Including his time at HJK, Adam has 13 years of experience as a systems administrator, systems architect, and tools developer. He has been responsible for large production infrastructures, internal corporate automation, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance efforts.


I'm a habitual tinkerer on a mission for smart IT. I've started my career at the age of 16, integrating Intel machines and Novell networks. Several years back, I got involved in Java and started writing mass system automation and deployment software. jclouds is an open source expression of my experience to date. My goal is to make the cloud as easy and portable as the mobile phone network.

Akkana Peck is a freelance programmer and writer who has been involved with the open source community for roughly two decades. She has contributed code to Mozilla/Firefox, GIMP and a variety of other projects. She's also involved in education and advocacy groups and is one of the "Tres Chix" LinuxChix coordinators.

Akkana is also the author of "Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional" and has written an assortment of tutorials for Linux Planet and other sites, including her own site, http://shallowsky.com.

Senior Engineering Manager

As a member of Novell's Linux Systems Senior Staff, Alan focuses on Industry Initiatives and Emerging Standards. To facilitate the awareness and adoption of open source and open standards, Alan participates in several Industry forum Board of Directors, steering committees, technical committees and work groups, including being a Director for the Linux Foundation Board of Directors for several years.

With 20 years of experience as a Software Engineer, a principal portion of Alan's career has been devoted to the research and development of operating systems and distributed multi-platform server services. His experience is with file systems, Directory Services, LDAP Services, Object Databases, Security, Developer Interfaces, Web Services, Network Protocols and more.

Aleksey is system administrator with 12 years experience, including 7 years at EarthLink, experiencing growth from 1,000 to 1,000,000 users in less than 4 years and eventually on to 5,000,000 users. Wrangling EarthLink's server farms by hand, Aleksey developed an abiding interest in configuration management and in improving the lot of system administrators everywhere.

Aleksey is a longstanding UUASC (Unix Users Association of Southern California) member and presenter and a member of LOPSA (the League of Professional System Administrators), USENIX (The Advanced Computing Systems Association - an international Unix User Group), ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and the IEEE Computer Society.


Alexander Perry holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in engineering from Cambridge University in England and is a senior member of the IEEE. He has worked on the open source flight simulator FlightGear, provided
embedded Linux consulting and training, deployed automation for production systems and has a number of patents for security applications.

Ubuntu User Advocate

Amber Graner is an active Ubuntu community member and organizer who encourages everyone around her to participate, support, and learn about Ubuntu and Open Source. With a smile and a sense of humor, Amber reminds people that there is a place for everyone in the Ubuntu community – regardless of technical skill level (or lack thereof). She is constantly looking for people, places, and events within the Ubuntu community that help inspire Ubuntu users to participate actively within the Ubuntu community.

Other Blog: http://www.ubuntu-user.com/Online/Blogs/Amber-Graner-You-in-Ubuntu

Presentation: UpScale

Site Reliability Operations Engineer

Andrew fell in love with computers at the age of 10, and started fooling around with Basic soon thereafter. He helped out as a volunteer Technical Advisor for Action Impact Mission for 2 years before getting married and becoming Information Systems Tech at Fry's Electronics in San Diego. After that he taught Linux and programming courses for Technical Training Resources until he landed his dream job in operations at Facebook. He lives in Sunnyvale, CA where he enjoys board games, movies and the occasional FPS with his wife, Jenny, and bike rides, toy trains and cuddling with his two daughters.

Presentation: Intro to Python

Conscires Agile Practices

As the founder of Conscires Agile Practices, Bachan supports others building successful organizations through empowering people and through lightweight processes. He has more than 10 years of experience in the Information Technology field ranging from Consultant, Architect, Development Manager to Agile Leader, with vast experience in finance, insurance, mortgage and offshore consulting.


Bert Freudenberg is a freelancing Smalltalk developer based in Magdeburg, Germany. Bert has been a long-time contributor to Squeak, the leading open-source Smalltalk. He is a member of the community-elected Squeak Oversight Board since 2006. Bert also maintains Etoys (an authoring environment for children written in Squeak), in particular its Sugar version for the "One Laptop per Child" machine.

Solutions Architect

Bikash is a Solutions Architect at NetApp designing and architecting solutions around NFSv3/v4, Virtualization and database. He performs competitive analysis on performance evaluation and protocol analysis with different storage vendors over NFS. Prior to this role he was a NFS Technical Marketing Engineer partnering with vendors like Redhat, SUSE to provide Linux Alliance support for Pre/Post Sales empowerment and also providing alliance and partner support. He has provided documentation and collateral on best practices, performance tuning for customer and Sales. He also has experience as a Escalation Engineer before this, where he managed and provided technical support for top enterprise accounts like Oracle, Broadcom, Chevron and Motorola.

Bikash has more than 18 years of hi-tech industry experience behind him. Before joining NetApp he was working a Professional service provider for some of the key accounts. He also was a System Administrator for UNIX setups at University working on various communication projects funded by the government.

Bruce Momjian is a co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, and has worked on PostgreSQL since 1996. He is the author of PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts, published by Addison-Wesley. Bruce is employed by EnterpriseDB. Previously, he was employed by SRA Japan and Great Bridge LLC, both PostgreSQL support companies. He has spoken at many international open-source conferences. Prior to his involvement with PostgreSQL, Bruce worked as a consultant, developing custom database applications for some of the world's largest law firms. As an academic, Bruce was a high school computer science teacher for five years, holds a Masters in Education, and is an adjunct professor at Drexel University.

Community Director

Bryan has spent nearly 20 years in and around the businesses of technology and telecommunications. Bryan has started, grown and sold a handful of web application development and VoIP technology businesses and has found a home in the disruptive world of open standards and open source telecommunications platforms.

In his role as Community Director for Digium (ground zero for the Asterisk and AsteriskSCF open source communications projects) Bryan works globally to foster growth and adoption of these technologies amongst developers, partners and commercial entities. Bryan acts as an evangelist-at-large for open source telecommunications.

GNOME A11y Outreach Coordinator
GNOME Foundation

Bryen M Yunashko has been actively involved with the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community for several years, most notably as Outreach Coordinator for GNOME Foundation's Accessibility Initiative and as the world's only sitting Deaf-Blind board member of a major Linux distribution, openSUSE Project. Bryen has traveled extensively to several countries to discuss accessibility initiatives in their region. When not working on FOSS, he can be found advocating with his local Deaf-Blind community in Chicago and is an avid photography hobbyist.

Presentation: A11y - It's about YOU!

Professionally working with Linux platform since 1998, has built professional experience and background working for companies such as H&R Block, Novell, Telsinc - Cisco Brazil, Komputer Linux and ST3 Tailor, being responsible for disseminate and improve their adoption of Linux as the core platform for their businesses.

Currently working in a collaborative way on Faculdades ESEEI - PR - Brazil - as responsible to implement openSUSE Extension Program, helping to spread all openSUSE ecosystem inside ESEEI actual program, giving to students an opportunity to work and develop their skills in a international project as openSUSE.

Over the last years has participate in some important Brazilian Free Software Conferences as Latinoware, FISL, ENSL, LinuxWorld/SP and Linuxcon/SP with Lectures, Workshops and mini-courses.

Support Volunteer
One Laptop Per Child/Sugar Labs

Caryl Bigenho thinks she was born 30 years too soon. Still, she has made a smooth transition from growing up with crystal sets and slide rules to living with and enjoying computers and all the latest technological toys.

Caryl remembers when all software was open source and she and her fellow teachers wrote, adapted, and shared programs written in Basic on floppy disks via a project called "Softswap."

Now retired, in 2007 she jumped at the chance to try OLPC's cute little green and white XO computer. She was a "First Day Donor" in OLPC's "Give One Get One" program, and one of the first people to sign up to be a support volunteer.

Now, she still answers help requests, but has expanded her horizons to include presenting and showing the latest XO technology and Sugar software at tech fairs, expos, and conferences, testing software, writing and translating manuals and curriculum, and mentoring small deployments through the OLPC Contributors Program.


Cathy and Earl Malmrose founded an optimized-for-Linux company five years ago and are happily growing in the community that continues to support us.

"Stress-testing Linux Hardware" was well received at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in Boston last year to a standing-room only crowd. Let's talk about how to make Linux machines the gold standard for computers worldwide.

Project Leader

A self-described lover of technology, Cecil Watson was born in Belize City, Belize. Shortly after his family immigrated, his parents purchased them a Tandy Color Computer 2. He spent seven and a half years in the United Stated Marine Corps, where he learned about a wide range of topics, from rifles to electronics to Unix. Although he misses his Amiga, he strongly believes in Open Source. Cecil created the KnoppMyth distribution in 2003.

Presentation: FLOSS Media Center Panel

Christer Edwards is a contract systems engineer for the Dept. of Defense. He maintains a core infrastructure consisting of CentOS, Debian and FreeBSD servers.

Christer was recently hired as a contract systems administrator for the GNOME Foundation.

Christer also teaches continuing education at the University of Utah.

CityGrid Media

Christophe Louvion is a long time internet veteran. He is currently the CTO at CityGrid Media, the largest content and ad network for local, and advisor to several startups. Prior to this, he was the CTO of display ad network Gorilla Nation. He was also VP of Engineering at Shopzilla, leading shopping search engine. Christophe has run product, engineering, business development, and operations department. As a recognized agile/lean practitioner and Certified Scrum Coach, Christophe is a frequent conference speaker.

Onyx Neon Press

chromatic has contributed to Perls 1, 5, and 6, helped start the Perl Testing Revolution, and has read, written, reviewed, and edited more books than he can count.

He is a consultant and author for Onyx Neon Press and the founder of modernperlbooks.com. His latest book, Modern Perl, explains how Perl 5 works from its theoretical underpinnings to the best knowledge of the world's most productive programmers.

Business Relations Manager
Presentation: FLOSS Media Center Panel


An information technologists who has worked on systems ranging from PC to classic Cray supercomputers. Graduate of the University of Houston Victoria Center.

DTO Solutions

Damon Edwards is the co-founder and president of DTO Solutions, a consulting group specializing in automated infrastructure and process improvement consulting for large-scale, mission critical IT operations. DTO clients include leading e-commerce, financial services, and gaming companies. Damon is also a frequent contributor to the Web Operations focused dev2ops.org blog, the co-host of the DevOps Cafe podcast series, and a frequent speaker on DevOps and IT Operations improvement topics.

Presentation: DevOps Cafe

Software Engineer

Dan Kegel is a software engineer currently working in Los Angeles.
He has been programming since 1978, and mentoring intern programmers
since 1994. He is the author of Winetricks (used by Wine developers and users),
and was the release manager for Wine 1.0.
He also wrote Crosstool (a tool to make building gcc/glibc easier)
and the C10K problem (a little reference page for network programmers).
He served on the JSR-51 committee which helped add nonblocking
I/O and file locking to the Java platform, and was one of the inventors
of the NAT hole-punching technique described in RFC 5128.
Long ago, he wrote a popular DOS driver called NANSI.SYS,
and also helped make the 1994 Rose Bowl a little more interesting.

Open Source Strategist
Coverity Inc.

David Maxwell is Coverity's Open Source Strategist, and is tasked with the continuation and expansion of Coverity's DHS-initiated open source scan efforts. An open source security specialist, Maxwell has over 20 years of experience as an open source user and developer, and he is particularly active in the NetBSD community.
He currently sits on the advisory board for the BSD Certification Group and the program committee for the annual BSDCan conference.
He was also a NetBSD Security Officer from 2001-2005, on the NetBSD
Foundation Board of Directors 2009-2011 and a contributor to the best-selling O'Reilly title "BSD Hacks." Maxwell has previously worked as a lead kernel developer for Nokia and held network security positions at firms such as Coventus and Synectic Software.

Google, Inc.

David has been a full-time kernel developer for four years at Google, Inc. working primarily in memory management. He recently rewrote the oom killer in 2.6.36 and wrote his own slab allocator, SLAM, in late 2010.

MySQL Community Manager

Dave Stokes is the MySQL Community Manager for North America. Previously he has spent many hours administering and programming various systems and databases. In the past he was the MySQL Certification Manager, the webmaster for the American Heart Association, worked in the defense industry, supported retail operations, and provided customer support.

Presentation: What's New in MySQL 5.5

Director, Software Architecture
Edmunds.com, Inc.

David Trott is Director of Software Architecture at Edmunds Inc. His career is focused on bridging the gap between software development and infrastructural operations. David has a history of technical leadership in system administration, quality assurance, release management, internal tooling and product development.

David is a strong believer in automation and embraces the use of convention over configuration as a way to develop enterprise level software that is built to last and built to grow. In addition to his managerial responsibilities, David designs and implements utilities that make software development at Edmunds a more automated, more fail safe, more robust undertaking.

David continually spends time evaluating the best ways to deploy new technologies, optimize internal processes and find new ways to "constructively" disrupt enterprise operations and software development. In the past David has held positions with Supplyframe, Fujitsu and Uniscape (now Trados).

Presentation: Herding Cat5

Ubuntu California

Since 2008 David Wonderly has been working on system documentation for Kubuntu and KDE. He is one of the three members of the California Local Community leadership team. He has been an activist in the United States for KDE and Kubuntu and is one of the Kubuntu Community managers trying to blend in Kubuntu with the greater Ubuntu community.

David Wonderly is Married with three kids and currently resides in San Diego, CA. He has recently separated from the US Navy and is currently looking for work.

Presentation: Your Guide to Kubuntu

Deb Nicholson is a seasoned activist who is interested in the intersection of technology and social justice. She's one of the primary movers behind the Women’s Caucus, an initiative housed at the Free Software Foundation to increase the recruitment and retention of women in the free software movement. She lives in Boston.


der.hans is the founder of ABLEconf (Arizona Business Liberty Experience conference), Free Software for Free Enterprise. He's also chairman of the Phoenix Linux Users Group, founder of the Free Software Stammtisch and strategic advisor to TEDxPhoenix.

His strong belief in community and education drives his work as an adjunct instructor at Mesa Community College and his efforts with professional and community groups such as the Phoenix Linux Users Group, the League of Professional System Administrators and the Arizona Center for Germanic Cultures.

In his free time he likes to go camping, annually not set himself on fire and learn about sustainable culture. He is slowly learning gardening and loves to brag about his grandma's cheesecakes and Spätzle.

Presentation: Moodle GIFT Question Format

Presentation: Tunneling With SSH

Director of Community Development
PC-BSD Project

Dru Lavigne is a network and systems administrator, IT instructor, author and international speaker. She has over a decade of experience administering and teaching Netware, Microsoft, Cisco, Checkpoint, SCO, Solaris, Linux and BSD systems. She is author of BSD Hacks, The Best of FreeBSD Basics, and The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD.

As Director of Community Development for the PC-BSD Project, she leads the documentation team, assists new users, helps to find and fix bugs, and reaches out to the community to discover their needs. She is the former Managing Editor of the Open Source Business Resource, a free monthly publication covering open source and the commercialization of open source assets. She is founder and current Chair of the BSD Certification Group Inc., a non-profit organization with a mission to create the standard for certifying BSD system administrators, and serves on the Board of the FreeBSD Foundation.

Dustin Kirkland is a Core Developer of the Ubuntu Server for Canonical, Ltd, and has led Canonical's technical efforts customizing the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud for its OEM partners, and previously maintained Ubuntu's virtualization stack (kvm, libvirt, and eucalyptus).

Dustin has over 10 years industry experience developing and deploying Linux and Open Source solutions. He's the active maintainer of over a dozen open source projects, including Byobu, eCryptfs, Powernap, Bikeshed, Musica, and Pictor.


Elizabeth has been organizing Linux events since 2003 and currently works as a Debian Systems Administrator at LinuxForce.net. She is a member of the Ubuntu Community Council and spends much of her time on the project working with Ubuntu Women, Ubuntu California and organizing classes and events for Ubuntu Classroom. She also sits on
the board of Partimus.org, a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organization that provides re-purposed computers running free software to students and schools which need them.

Presentation: Finding Help in Ubuntu


Eugene Clement is an experienced technologist and open-source contributor. He has held positions at Logitech and Mandrakesoft. Over the last decade Eugene has turned his attention to the use of open-source software as an educational tool via the Linux Astronomy project, where he works with students on building large-scale, computer-controlled reflector telescope using Linux.

Director of Engineering
Nexenta Systems, Inc.

Garrett has been involved with Open Source Operating Systems development for many years. He has worked on Solaris and NetBSD in the past, and most recently is known as the founder of the illumos project.

HY Research

Hunyue Yau is a consultant with HY Research with experience on ARM-based
mobile embedded Linux systems such as the TI OMAP2/3 platforms. His prior work
includes more than 10 years of testing, development, and deployment of voice
and networking equipment using ARM, PPC, and x86 architectures. Hunyue has
designed and implemented several Linux-based appliances, including one of the
first embedded Linux appliances, a custom db box back in 1996. Users of the
Linux-based appliances include a city government and a major wireless carrier.
He has been working with Linux since 1993, starting with a system based on
SLS, a precursor of Slackware. Formal education include a BS EE from the
California Institute of Technology.

Extrasensory Software

My life is mostly DOS and Windows but for the last 4 years there's been a rather underused Linux box sitting in the corner running Asterisk being my phone system. Started as a customer hand-me-down and is now a small Atom based machine.

Graduated in IT with over 10 years experience in business and educational systems. As openSUSE and GNOME Ambassador works in the dissemination of free software platforms within public and private environment. Currently working on Education Department of the Prefeitura Municipal de Novo Hamburgo (Novo Hamburgo City Hall) - RS - Brazil, which is one of responsible for launching and garantee the use of NH Educational Portal by teachers and students. Supports email account deployment to all employees of Education through the Brazilian free software EXPRESSO Mail Service.

Ubuntu California

Jack Deslippe is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California at Berkeley, studying computational Physics. He has developed apps for both the Ubuntu and Android platforms and is a member of the Ubuntu California team.

SUSE Studio Developer

James has been developing web applications since 1996, using miserable, frustrating tools, until finding enlightenment in Ruby on Rails in 2007. After leading development on a number of private applications, James joined the SUSE Studio Team at Novell in 2010, and is having the time of his life empowering people to build customized Linux, in the browser, on Ruby on Rails, on SUSE Linux.


Jane Silber is CEO of Canonical. Jane started her career as a software developer and has continued to rely on that foundation in her years of business development, strategy, operations and product development experience. She was Canonical's Chief Operating Officer from the time the company was founded, and became CEO in 2010. Jane's previous roles include Vice President of Interactive Television Company and Vice President of General Dynamics C4 Systems. She has also worked in Japan for Teijin Ltd doing artificial intelligence research and product development. She holds an MBA degree from Oxford University, an MSc degree from Vanderbilt University, and a BSc degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Haverford College. She likes people to tell her about the most surprising and exciting place they have encountered Ubuntu.

Presentation: Cloud for Human Beings

Software Engineer
Google, Inc.

Jason Robbins has been a professional software developer since 1988, and founded the ArgoUML open source project in 1999. He played a central role in the early development of CollabNet's project hosting toolset, and was a founding member of the team behind Google Project Hosting on code.google.com.

Jeff loves free software, network management, telephony, and disruptive technologies. He's lucky enough to be alive at a time when all those things are converging, and somehow managed to find a way to get paid to work with all of them. He's not deathly allergic to any fruits or vegetables commonly thrown at speakers.

Director of Information Services
Saugus Union School District

Jim Klein is the Director of Information Services and Technology for the Saugus Union School District, a position he has held for nearly 15 years. Through over two decades of IT experience, Mr. Klein has become widely renowned as an aggressive technology leader, particularly in the areas of open source and social media. Not only does he vigorously pursue technologies that he believes will make a significant difference in the lives of students, teachers, and staff, but he also actively challenges his peers to do the same through dozens conference presentations and sharing of information, tools, and best-practices. Mr. Klein freely gives the fruit of his labor to others, and selflessly offers assistance that drives similar success in their schools and districts. He has written a number of articles for industry magazines, advocates for education technology personally within his state and on capital hill, and serves on a number of national and international committees and panels. Mr Klein has been recognized as a T.H.E. Journal Innovator, NetworkWorld All Star, and a National School Boards Association "20 to watch" educator.

Technology Evangelist

As a Technology Evangelist at Amazon, Jinesh Varia helps businesses take advantage of disruptive technologies like Cloud Computing that are changing the way businesses compete in the new web world. Jinesh has spoken at more than 150 conferences and User Groups around the world. His passion lies in architecture, design and XML Web services. He is focused on furthering awareness of web services and often helps developers and architects in Start-ups, Enterprises and Universities leverage Amazon’s innovative services.

Jinesh has over 15 years experience in XML and Web services and has worked with standards-based working groups in XBRL. Prior to joining Amazon as an evangelist, he held several positions in UBmatrix including Solutions Architect, Enterprise Team Lead and Software engineer, working on various financial services projects including Call Modernization Project at FDIC. He was also lead developer at Penn State Data Center, Institute of Regional Affairs. Jinesh’s publications have been published in ACM and IEEE. Jinesh is originally from India and holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Penn State University.

VP of Services
Opscode, Inc

John M. Willis is currently the VP of Services at Opscode, Inc. John has worked in the IT management industry for 30 years. He began his professional career at Exxon as an IT infrastructure analyst. He is the founder of four successful startups over the past 20 years Willis is known internationally for his IT Management and Cloud blog. He also has two podcast series on clouds called ‚”Cloud Cafe‚ and Droplets”. Willis is also the co-host of Redmonk’s IT Management Guys‚ podcast series.


John Wise is a classroom teacher of 41 years in Los Angeles. Wise has taught Elementary, Middle School, and High School. Wise was awarded the Encorps Jaime Escalante Legacy Award in 2011 for his work at the Academia Avance Charter High School in Northeast Los Angeles.

OpenShot Developer
OpenShot Video Editor

Jonathan Thomas is a professional software developer who has been involved with Linux and open-source technologies for many years. He is the creator and lead developer of OpenShot Video Editor, a free, open-source, non-linear video editor for Linux.

community manager

Jos Poortvliet is since 6 months openSUSE community manager for Novell. Before that he was active as volunteer in the international KDE community as team lead for the marketing team. He coordinated the communication around releases, the creation and distribution of marketing materials, visiting and organising conferences and staying in contact with the press. In his 'working life' he has had jobs at a variety of companies like the dutch Telco KPN, Royal Bank of Schotland and the duth Department of Eductation.

Presentation: Amazing openSUSE

credativ USA

Joe Conway is an innovative leader with broad experience in a wide array of disciplines and extensive international business exposure. He has been involved with PostgreSQL as a contributor since 2001. He is also the author and maintainer of a PostgreSQL procedural language handler for the R language, PL/R. Joe currently manages credativ USA, which specializes in open source software with a comprehensive range of services, including consulting, architectural and technical advice, software development, training, and personalized support.

Core Team

Josh Berkus has been a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team since 2002. He is CEO of PostgreSQL Experts Inc., a PostgreSQL professional services company. Josh is a databases geek, having worked with MS SQL Server, MySQL, CouchDB, Redis, and Oracle. He also cooks.

Presentation: Scale Fail

(mt) Media Temple

Joshua Barratt joined the web hosting company Media Temple in 2005, where he currently serves as CTO.

His world is a blend of Computer Science, Software Development, UNIX Administration, and the people and processes that tie it all together. He's built everything from large clustered systems to embedded real-time motion control for special effects, and almost everything in between.

His current (healthy) obsession is with bringing lean ideas to development and operations, and the tools which enable everyone to make rapid and high quality decisions locally.

Presentation: Signal From Noise

Justin has been an active contributer in spreading the word about Linux and free software in his articles written on www.howtogeek.com, his blog http://1n73r.net, his youtube account (xrothgarx), multiple forums and by co-hosting the mintCast podcast (www.mintcast.org). He actively seeks out new ways he can contribute to the community and is constantly looking for new software and tools that he can use and share with others.

Presentation: Linux as a HTPC

Software Engineer

Kit Plummer, is a Software Engineer with MaestroDev in Manhattan Beach, CA. He makes his home in desert of Tucson, Arizona. Kit has worked the majority of his career in the Department of Defense space,
focusing on the complexities are large-scale, mission critical software systems (and subsequently the cultural and social challenges within, attempting to bring modern software practices into the mix). Kit now enjoys the opportunity to bring the old and new guards together, and help break-down barriers to optimized software engineering work flows.

Sr. Systems Administrator
Cyan Optics

Kyle Rankin is a senior systems administrator for Cyan Optics; the current president of the North Bay Linux Users' Group; the author of The Official Ubuntu Server Book, Knoppix Hacks, Knoppix Pocket Reference, Linux Multimedia Hacks, and Ubuntu Hacks; and a contributer to a number of other O'Reilly books. Rankin is an award-winning columnist for Linux Journal, and has written for PC Magazine, TechTarget websites and other publications. He speaks frequently on Open Source software including at SCaLE, OSCON, Linux World Expo, Penguicon, and a number of Linux Users' Groups.

Presentation: Bond, Ethernet Bond

System Administrator / Architect
OSU Open Source Lab

Lance is the Lead Systems Administrator/Architect for the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) and a Gentoo Linux Developer. He joined the Gentoo Linux project in 2003 and have been involved in managing their infrastructure and maintaining about a dozen or so packages in portage. Lance manages all of the hosting activities that the OSUOSL provides for the open source community including projects such as Kernel.org, Drupal, Apache Software Foundation, and many many more. He has been involved in migrating the OSUOSL's virtualization environment to Ganeti and KVM from Xen in the past year and has been active in the Ganeti community as well.

Creator and Host
The Going Linux Podcast

Larry Bushey is the creator and host of the Going Linux Podcast. As a technology advocate, Larry uses his communication and facilitation skills to help computer users build their confidence and competence with alternative technologies, such as open source software, and with mainstream commercial applications as well.

Larry's broad background in professional training, technology management, management and sales gives him a unique perspective on using today's technology to get things done. Creator, producer and host of a top-rated Internet audio program, Larry has been helping computer users on-line since 2005, with practical, day-to-day advice on how to use their personal technology.

Larry Cafiero is a mentor with the Ambassadors Program at the Fedora Project. He is also a partner in Redwood Digital Research, a firm that provides FOSS solutions for small business/home office environments. He is one of the founders of the Lindependence Project, which promotes the implementation of Linux and FOSS.

Leigh Honeywell is co-founder and current President of HackLab.TO, a hackerspace in downtown Toronto devoted to connecting people who do interesting things with hardware and software.

Leigh is currently taking a break from the information security industry to complete her Computer Science and Equity Studies degree at the University of Toronto, while building robots and helping break Open Source software for fun.

She serves on the board of advisors of the SECtor security conference, has been a Google Summer of Code mentor, and is one of the Tres Chix leading the Ubuntu Women project.

VP Engineering
Dyn Inc.

A well-rounded technologist with a diverse background in project management, web application development, and *nix administration Lisa Hagemann is the VP of Engineering at Dyn Inc. A world leader in managed DNS, Dyn Inc. provides “rock-solid” DNS solutions for everyone.

Lisa oversees the planning and strategy for the teams developing best-in-class service delivery engines for Dyn Inc.’s enterprise platform (Dynect Platform) and consumer brand (DynDNS.com) authoritative DNS and Recursive DNS offerings.

Utilizing open source technologies including Perl, Python, Apache and FreeBSD, the Dyn Inc Engineering team has written nearly 1 million lines of code supporting their systems. Lisa’s teams focus on technologically-sound innovations following best practices of software development, test-driven methodologies and optimization techniques.


Mark Burgess is the founder, chairman, CTO and principal author of Cfengine. He is Professor of Network and System Administration at Oslo University College and has led the way in theory and practice of automation and policy based management for 20 years. In the 1990s he underlined the importance of idempotent, autonomous desired state management ("convergence") and formalised cooperative systems in the 2000s ("promise theory"). He is the author of numerous books and papers on Network and System Administration and has won several prizes for his work.

VP of Community

Mark is the Vice President of Community where he is responsible for driving all of the community efforts around the company's leading open source, cloud computing software and ecosystem . Before that he was the force behind the Zenoss Core open source management projects adoption and community involvement, growing community membership to over 100,000 members. He is a co-founder of both the Open Source Management Consortium and the Desktop Linux Consortium, has served as Editor-in-Chief for both LinuxWorld Magazine and Enterprise Open Source Magazine, and authored the book, "Windows to Linux Business Desktop Migration." (Thomson, 2006) Mark has also held executive positions at a number of technology start-ups, including Earthlink, (previously MindSpring)--where he was the head of the technical support organization recognized by PC Computing and PC World as the best in the industry--Win4Lin and Emu Software.


I am the Community Manager for Zareason- the Linux hardware vendors. It's not easy to write about yourself. My 1st attempt was silly. I like FOSS, Ubuntu, & Tux the Penguin. I don't like writing bios. So I asked a friend to.

From my Bio. Mark Terranova is a "West Coast Community Developed Software guy". Mark has regularly taught many types of computer classes specializing in the benefits of Linux and Cross-Platform Software.

His involvement started with Ubuntu community. His interest grew to eventually be a Fedora Ambassador. He has helped organize tech events that are fun, along with geeknics - using beer, BBQ, and other ways to create a fun community. He has spent much time in the Pacific Northwest; including Portland, Oregon learning from FreeGeek.org. This knowledge has helped him in his role as co-founder of GidgetKitchen (GK). "Gidget Kitchen donates computers to groups and individuals in need." GK strives to make modern technology simple, empowering, and easy for everyone to understand. The only requirement is "the ability to play well with others."

Mark blames his interest in technical things and electronics on his father Michael. "He gave me a Commodore 64 and helped me get my amateur radio license (N6TBD) at an early age".

If the photo of me that is attached is not satisfactory- I have others located on my Fedora blog-

Presentation: Drink the Kool Aid

Team Lead, Cyber Security
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Matt Disney is the team lead for cyber security administration in the National Center for Computational Sciences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He approaches security with the background of a systems administrator and specializes in deployment automation, configuration management, workflow processes, and intrusion detection. He has a Masters of Science in Network and System Administration from the University of Oslo.

Membase, Inc.

Matt is an experienced web architect with a software development background. He has deep expertise in building, scaling and operating global-scale Java, Ruby on Rails and AMP web applications by leveraging a variety of open source projects, including membase and memcached.

Presentation: Membase

Identity and Access Management Architect
Quest Software

Matt Peterson is one of the lead developers at Quest Software with an emphasis on identity and access management and specifically IAM as it relates to Unix/Linux systems. Matt has a long history of working in the Open Source world and was the primary architect behind the original AD bridge solution Vintela Authentication Services and today runs the Resource Central open source project for AD bridge technologies.

Senior Technical Evangelist
Opscode, Inc.

Matt Ray is a Senior Technical Evangelist for Opscode and the Chef open source systems integration framework. He is one of the founding organizers of the Texas LinuxFest. He was previously the Community Manager for Zenoss Core and has been active in Open Source for well over 10 years. He blogs at LeastResistance.net and is @mattray on Twitter and GitHub.

Matthew Tippett has been involved one way or another with Linux or it's community since 1992.

Recent work has been with Phoronix Media defining features and functions with the Phoronix Test Suite, a benchmarking and validation test suit for Linux and other Unix OSes.

Professionally, Matthew manages teams of engineers developing Linux drivers at Palm, and previously at AMD.

Community Engineer
Red Hat

Mel is a hacker. Over time, Mel has progressed from hacking hardware (electrical engineer) to code (software developer) to organizational cultures (OLPC community QA team lead). She now hacks communities of practice as a member of Red Hat’s Community Leadership team.

These days, Mel spends most of her time with on open source in education, teaching professors in the http://teachingopensource.org community how to teach open source and otherwise working to push patches of successful open source cultural habits around learning and teaching "upstream" to classrooms in academia. In her hypothetically existent amounts of free time, she serves on the board of Sugar Labs, works on undergraduate engineering education reform, and plays piano, occasionally at the same time.

Founder, CEO
Phoronix Media

Michael Larabel is an American entrepreneur, software engineer, and technology analyst. Michael is the founder of Phoronix Media, an Internet media company that has become the leader in providing original Linux hardware content and driver information through its many web properties. Its leading web property, Phoronix.com.

Through the years of research and testing at Phoronix, Michael is also the lead developer of the Phoronix Test Suite as the leading, open-source automated testing platform for quantitative and qualitative benchmarking.

BCFG2 Project Lead
Argonne National Laboratory

Narayan Desai is principal experimental systems engineer at Argonne National Laboratory. His primary areas of interest are in system and resource management of large scale systems, as well as building scalable metagenomics analysis software. He leads the Bcfg2 configuration management project.


Nathan Haines is an instructor and a computer technician who has been using Linux since 1994. In addition to occasional programming projects and magazine articles, he is a member of Ubuntu, where he helps spread the word about Ubuntu and Free Software.

Senior Software Engineer
Web Developer

Nick is a firm believer in open source software, a proud member of Ruby community, and has been doing web development for as long as he can remember. He cut his teeth on classic ASP and ASP.NET at first, but discovered Ruby on Rails through his university and dove in head first. Nick pretends he's a bassist with famous prog rock bands when not coding.

Product Manager
Puppet Labs

Nigel Kersten is currently responsible for Product Management at Puppet Labs. Prior to this he worked as a sysadmin at Google, and was responsible for setting up one of the largest Puppet deployments around, managing all corporate laptops, desktops and servers across multiple platforms. He's been deeply involved in configuration management since before Macs came with a UNIX OS.

Senior Systems Analyst
City of Garden Grove

For the past dozen years Noel has worked as a programmer, network administrator, and systems analyst for the IT department of the City of Garden Grove, California. The City has used Linux and Open Source software extensively since 1995.

Since 2001, Noel and the City has increasingly used PostgreSQL as the database of choice for everything from police records management to water billing.

IPv6 Evangelist
Hurricane Electric

Owen DeLong is an IPv6 Evangelist at Hurricane Electric and a member of the ARIN Advisory Council.

Owen brings more than 25 years of industry experience. He is an active member of the systems administration, operations, and IP Policy communities.

In the past, Owen has worked at Tellme Networks (Senior Network Engineer), Exodus Communications (Senior Backbone Engineer) where he was part of the team that took Exodus from a pre-IPO start up with 2 data centers to a major global provider of hosting services, Netcom Online (Network Engineer) where he worked on a team that moved the internet from an expensive R&E tool to a widely available public access system accessible to anyone with a computer, Sun Microsystems (Senior Systems Administrator), and more.

He can be reached as owend at he dot net.

Strategic Collaboration

Pascal Pinck is a strategic consultant and collaborator who helps organizations develop high-performing teams. In particular, he supports individuals who are working to improve flow and reduce delays using lean and agile methodologies.

Pascal has worked as a lead practitioner with entities including Media Temple Inc., Raytheon, BASF, and NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.

He has worked as a facilitator and coach with organizations such as ShoreTel, Siemens, and Huntsman Chemicals.

MeeGo advocate

Quim Gil works at Nokia as MeeGo advocate. He is co-coordinator of the MeeGo Community Office, and he focuses on marketing and outreach activities through http://meego.com . A professional journalist some time ago, he started a small Web development cooperative in Barcelona in 1995, and then a small free-software cooperative in 2003. After a short period fully dedicated to the GNOME project, in 2007 he joined Nokia and the Maemo team in Helsinki. He lives in Mountain View (California), now.

Ralf Pieper started out with an interest in electronics until he discovered programming, wrote code in many languages for a number of clients, did telecom, IVR, networking and finally system admin for the past decade. A member/leader at UUASC, LiLAX and USENIX, Ralph likes to windsurf in his time off.

Presentation: Ubuntu for the Desktop

Fourth World

Richard Gaskin is President of Fourth World, a software design and development consultancy in Los Angeles. Since founding the company in 1994, he's developed dozens of commercial and open source applications used by a wide range of organizations, including FedEx, AOL, the US Library of Congress, and hundreds of universities around the world.

Although he started his career with Mac OS, Richard has since delivered applications for Irix, every version of Windows, and has been developing for Linux for the last two years.

Richard has spoken at more than a dozen tech conferences, most recently discussing cross-platform GUI design at a Mac developer conference where he had the distinction of being the only presenter using Ubuntu.

Presentation: From OS X to Ubuntu


In addition to being the designated Tom Sawyer of the webOS community, Rick is a partner in a small software firm specializing in applications for agencies that care for mentally retarded adults.

Rick's been doing software development since he was snagged by his first encounter with a HP9100B programmable calculator in 1970 and has long championed open source software. (The free part comes and goes. Programmers have to eat.)

Associate Publisher
Linux New Media

Rikki Kite, Associate Publisher of Linux Pro Magazine, Ubuntu User, Admin, and Smart Developer magazines, has worked in high-tech print publishing since 1997. She actively encourages women in open source to write articles, speak at industry events, and to become more visible in the community. For more information about what women in open source are up to, visit: http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/roseblog

Presentation: Meet the Press

Associate Publisher
Linux New Media

Rikki Kite, Associate Publisher of Linux Pro Magazine and Ubuntu User, has worked in high-tech print publishing for more than a decade. Rikki has an English BA and a
Master's of Science in Journalism. She actively encourages women in open source to write articles, speak at industry events, and to become more visible in the community. For more information about what women in open source are up to, visit: http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/roseblog

Presentation: UpScale

Community Evangelist

Rob is the Lead Apps Developer and Community Evangelist for Boxee with the worst haircut in open source software. An eleven year Linux user, he serves the Boxee family as the passionate advocate for the open source community armed with over a decade of experience in OSS and a hefty supply of hairspray. In what little spare time he has, Rob likes to go to punk rock shows, speedcube and maintain his unInternet service laughotron.com.

Presentation: Open Source Television

Security, Abuse Coordinator
New Dream Network LLC (DreamHost.com)

Web Application and Network Security administrator for DreamHost.com, a shared and virtual hosting provider for over one million websites and hundreds of thousands of customers. DreamHost provides the unique environment which requires providing increased security for an extremely broad range of websites and customers, all without being intrusive to their hosting experience.

Founder of Irvine Underground, a computer security group out of Irvine, California since 2002.

Fedora Program Manager
Fedora Project

Robyn is currently the Fedora Program Manager, employed by Red Hat, Inc. In addition to driving the Fedora schedule, she wrangles features for the Fedora Cloud group, and is the marketing team lead, driving the bus of community marketeers as they interview, write, tweet, and generally promote Fedora. She has been a sysadmin, market research analyst, and business analyst in past lives - and still generally enjoys playing with numbers. In addition to her Fedora duties, she is also a Domestic Household Engineer, embracing the arts of LEGO building, burning dinner, and fishing crayons out of the dryer on a daily basis.

Red Hat

Ruth Suehle is a writer and editor in Brand Communications + Design at Red Hat. Previously an editor for Red Hat Magazine, Ruth now leads discussions about the open source way at opensource.com. The site offers a community for highlighting the ways that open source is changing the world, not just through Linux, but in medical applications, the law, education models, and more. You can find her on Twitter and identi.ca as @suehle.

New Dream Network LLC

Sage Weil designed Ceph as part of his PhD research in Storage Systems at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Since graduating, he has continued to refine the system with the goal of providing a stable next generation distributed file system for Linux. Prior to his graduate work, Sage helped found New Dream Network, the company behind DreamHost Webhosting (Dreamhost.com), who now supports a small team of Ceph developers.

Senior Solution Architect
Cambridge Computer

Involving everything from Storage Area Networks, Deduplication, replication, and WAN optimization, Sam Eckhouse strives to incorporate creativity and innovation to design storage and data protection solutions that surpass business requirements and come in under budget. A graduate of University of California at Santa Cruz with a background in IT consulting, Sam has been with Cambridge Computer for five years as one of their leading solution architects.


Ski's system administration career started when he was a mechanical engineer at a large company and they needed someone to maintain their data collection systems. After 10 years he was leading teams that maintained several hundred AIX workstations. The next 10 years he spent in IT management for small software firms leading teams of 3 to 10 people. He currently works as the system administrator for a school district supporting 100+ servers along with 6000 Mac workstations and is the owner of CCK Technologies which provides technology consulting for school districts and small software companies.

Ski has extensive experience with the challenges of small to medium business and education infrastructure buildouts, IT team creation, and Unix. Ski is a director of LOPSA, the League of Professional System Administrators and an active member of SASAG, the Seattle Area System Administrator Guild. He has taught classes in Linux, Perl, C, C++, and Operating Systems at Bellevue Community College and City University and given talks at SASAG and LinuxFest NW events.

In his free time, Ski is a member of KCESAR, King County Explorer Search and Rescue and loves to hike, bike, kayak, and nordic ski (of course) with his family in the Seattle WA area.

Presentation: BackupPC

Engineering Operations Manager
SIOS Technology Corp.

Reddy is most recently known for his position as vice president of Yahoo!'s cloud computing and virtualization business unit. Working in close coordination with senior executive teams and architects, Reddy developed Yahoo!'s organization-wide cloud computing strategy. Reddy is a technology leader in data center architecture, implementation and operational strategies who began his career in Silicon Valley working on data center server consolidation and grid computing solutions for such Fortune 500 enterprises as Oracle and later as a co-founder of Optena Corp. He also architected and delivered a cloud-based supply chain platform at Mitrix.

DX Engineer

Ted Gould is an Ubuntu Desktop Developer on Canonical's Desktop Experience Team. He mainly focuses on usability issues working to make the Ubuntu Desktop the best desktop experience available for your computer. He also develops on the vector graphics program Inkscape. He enjoys great design, serene hikes with his family and a well composed photo.

Project Maintainer

Todd C. Miller has been maintaining Sudo since 1993 when he was a system administrator at the University of Colorado. He has been a core member of the OpenBSD project since 1996 and has contributed to multiple Open Source projects such as ISC cron, sendmail, SELinux, among others. Todd now works for Quest Software.

Fedora Engineering Manager
Fedora Project

Tom Callaway, aka "spot", has been involved with Free Software since 1997, and has been employed by Red Hat since 2000. He is currently the Fedora Engineering Manager, as well as an elected member of the Fedora Board and the chairperson of the Fedora Packaging Committee. He is also the maintainer of more than 350 Fedora packages. In his rare moments of spare time, he enjoys geocaching, pinball, board games, hockey, and science fiction.

Presentation: This is why you FAIL


Like most other SysAdmins for FOSS projects, Tom King feels unqualified for the task. With a background as a Analog Broadcast engineer, working on high power transmitters, transmission lines and antennas, and as an FPGA and low-level embedded designer he didn't expect to end up as the SysAdmin for a group of high visibility FOSS projects.

In 2003 when he began to edit wiki pages at NSLU2, Tom was rapidly coerced into doing SysAdmin work because "no one else was doing it." He is now the lead admin for the "nas-admin" group of projects housed at OSUOSL including Open Embedded, Angstrom Linux, WebOS-Internals, Optware, NLSU2, NovaPorts and OpenWiz. In his "spare" time he dabbles in embedded kernel development

The increasing need for FOSS SysAdmin recruiting and training, and his evangelism for that cause has become one of his personal crusades in the community and is the focus of his presentation at SCALE. You may encounter him anywhere around SCALE as he executes his many other responsibilities.