Caryl Bigenho

Support Volunteer
One Laptop Per Child/Sugar Labs

Caryl Bigenho thinks she was born 30 years too soon. Still, she has made a smooth transition from growing up with crystal sets and slide rules to living with and enjoying computers and all the latest technological toys.

Caryl remembers when all software was open source and she and her fellow teachers wrote, adapted, and shared programs written in Basic on floppy disks via a project called "Softswap."

Now retired, in 2007 she jumped at the chance to try OLPC's cute little green and white XO computer. She was a "First Day Donor" in OLPC's "Give One Get One" program, and one of the first people to sign up to be a support volunteer.

Now, she still answers help requests, but has expanded her horizons to include presenting and showing the latest XO technology and Sugar software at tech fairs, expos, and conferences, testing software, writing and translating manuals and curriculum, and mentoring small deployments through the OLPC Contributors Program.