Produce An Audio Podcast Using Linux


Podcasting advice from a veteran podcast creator and host.

Got an idea to share or a story to tell? Got a computer with a microphone? You have enough to record, edit, produce and publish a professional quality podcast. Your podcast doesn't have to be about Linux or open source software to use the technology to make it happen. This session will provide you with suggestions for the applications you'll need to do it for free - using Linux and open source software. You'll also get valuable podcasting advice from a veteran podcast creator, host and producer. * The preparation - Learn how to * Recording the podcast - Connecting the hardware and getting it done * Editing the podcast - Tips and techniques * Producing the podcast - Adding flair and professionalism * Podcast themes and music - Where and how to find it * Getting the word out - Publicize and networking * Publishing the podcast - Hosting * The show notes - What do they contain? * The website/blog - Which is right? * The feed - How to do it * The software - What do I need? * The hardware - From minimal to professional, it's your choice * Avoiding "podfading" - Plan ahead record ahead * Improving your sound - Techniques to maximize your impact

Speaker: Larry Bushey