Haiku Project

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Haiku is an open-source operating system designed from the ground up for personal computing.  Inspired by the BeOS, the immediate goal of the Haiku project is to release the first alpha version.

Development of the Haiku OS has come a long way.  This will be demonstrated by showcasing the OS in actual use, with a focus on the unique features that make Haiku well-suited for personal computing. These features include the database-like OpenBFS file system, the Tracker file manager, multimedia capabilities, system-wide data translators, pervasive drag-and-drop, overall responsiveness, fast application loading and short boot/shutdown times even on low-end hardware.

Haiku takes a unique and innovative approach to personal computing. By showing Haiku at SCALE, attendees will gain an exposure to a more diverse technology showcase of open source operating systems.

To learn more about the Haiku project, please visit booth 14.