Advocacy for Advocates: Telling others about Free Software


Learn how to share your love for your favorite Free and Open Source software with others. Get others excited about coding, community, or contributing!

We all know how exciting Free Software is. It's powerful, it's fun, and it's free. The communities around various projects are vibrant, varied, and compassionate.

Free Software can be evaluated and put to use easily and effectively. It can enhance existing projects or entirely bootstrap new ones. It can breathe new life into old hardware and unlease the potential of new systems.

Opportunities abound in the world of Free Software. Projects need programmers, they technical writers, they need artists, and they need designers. They need bug triagers, user advocates, and community helpers.

Why is it hard to convince others to give Free Software a try? In our enthusiasm to persuade others, we focus on the wrong things. In five minutes, I'll explain how you can make your next conversation about Free Software as exciting for your audience as it is for you.

Speaker: Nathan Haines