Amazing openSUSE


openSUSE has developed both great infrastructure technology and a powerful enduser product; where is it going now?

Over 5 years ago Novell decided to turn their new asset, SuSE Linux GmbH into a community distribution. It was a long and laborious process but since almost 2 years now the development processes have been opened up to the community. We now speak of openSUSE, a community which is now searching for it's direction. The project has state-of-the-art infrastructure at its disposal and develops a modern, stable and powerful linux distribution. Meanwhile, communication and marketing are it's weak points - innovative technologies like the openSUSE Build Service and SUSE Studio do not get the exposure they deserve. In this talk an overview is given of openSUSE's history, the developments in the community and the latest openSUSE technology is presented.

Speaker: Jos Poortvliet