Drink the Kool Aid


Linux is like a cult, but agood cult. People should acknowledge that what we do is great AND unusual

If Tux the Penguin offers me some Kool Aid, would you drink it? I have drank it, and will continue to do so. (Mmmm the taste of Freedom {and power.}) What is a cult? People that believe something different then you? 1 defintion -like other deviant social movements, tend to recruit people with a grievance, people who suffer from some variety of deprivation. Even though I don't spend my time speaking untruths or meanly towards Microsoft, I'm pretty sure they view me as *deviant.* And yes I feel *deprived* while using proprietary software. My Belief System is not my operating system(s) - it's close though. Really close. To make my point - I'll say the Open Source Way is my Belief System. I am part of group that can accomplish some great things.FOSS is a great community. It offers powerful tools that can help us create beautiful things. I love the deep philosophy behind the movement. *I volunteer my free time to tell complete strangers about Linux. *I spend time researching the subjects I present to LUGs, paying attention to the ideas and stuff that may relate to the audience. *The majority of the population uses 1 of 2 systems, I always look for opportunities to *convert* (or recruit) some of these people. ** I give my phone number to some them, just so they can call me if they have any existential questions. ** Some of these Converts will eventually become Evangelists & spend time trying to convert others. The analogy falls apart at the *conversion point* for me though. I'm not just trying to get people to convert to my Distros of choice. Not interested in joining with me in the California Ubuntu Team? Ok. My answers to your questions as a Fedora Ambassador cant sway you to the merits of their community? Fine. If I can't help someone via one of the communities I am part of, we can rely on the Greater Open Source Community for guidance. Gentoo, Slackware, etc. we have a place for just about *everyone.* I am hardcore with my belief in trying to be *inclusive*. Most of the time you *can* play well with others. I don't ask that all of your friends subscribe to my belief system in exactly my fervent manner. No matter how correct I may be, the echo chamber can be far more damaging than outside sources. I know it may be trite, but, if you and I are the same- one of us is redundant. Resistance is not futile. Join me on this side if you can *take the leap*, Tux & I have some Kool Aid for *You* "Let's collaborate. Come to this side of the FORCE, we have cookies, and throw great parties" - Tux the Penguin Same

Speaker: Mark Terranova