Featured Speakers

Every year, the Southern California Linux Expo invites many prominent members of the Linux and Open Source Community to speak at our event. Our goal is to bring in a diverse group of speakers to accommodate all our attendees. Whether you are a seasoned *NIX guru or just curious about Open Source, we have something for you!

We are working hard to bring out another great set of speakers to inform and enlighten the audience about Linux and Open Source Software. If you know someone who is interested, or if you are interested in seeing a particular speaker, please let us know.

  • Austin GodberLOPSA: Introduction to Virtualization on Linux with Xen
  • Bdale GarbeeOpen Avionics for Model Rockets
    HPChief Technologist for Open Source and Linux
  • Ben BaumannDOHCS: OpenClinica

  • Celeste Lyn PaulA Quick and Dirty Intro to User­Centered Design in Open Source Development
    KDE HCI Working Group, User­Centered Design, Inc.
  • Charles EdgeOSSIE: Directory Services and Education
    318 Inc.Director of Technology
  • Chris St. PierreLOPSA: Open-Source Email Systems: One Approach to Spam Fighting

  • Christina HaralanovaWIOS: Training of Women in Using Free and Open Source Software – strategies for sustainable involvement
  • Christopher BlizzardFirefox on Linux
    Mozilla Project
  • Dan AndersonOSSIE: Using Computer Programming to teach Concepts integrating Science, Math and Technology
    Viewpoint School

  • Danese CooperWIOS: Why Whinging* Doesn't Work
  • David MaxwellCoverity Scan Project Update
    NetBSDOpen Source Strategist, Coverity Committer
  • Dirk MorrisTrade-Offs in Building Entire Networks in Software

  • Don Martiifdown -a now! Do more, better - offline
  • Dru LavigneOSSIE: Creating a Publication Using Open Source Tools
  • Ed CashinPractical ATA over Ethernet

  • Esther "Moose" FildermanOpenAFS: How Becoming Open Source Changed AFS, and Everything You Need To Know To Start Using It Today
  • Fred TrotterDOHCS: Open Source Medical Software Roundup
  • George KamisSystem Administrators: Security Challenges and Best Practices Locking Down Linux
    Trusted Computer SolutionsChief Technology Officer

  • Guy MartinLinux Momentum in Mobile
    Co-leader, MOST group, Motorola Inc.
  • Jeffrey EastlackFireAnt – Cell phone virtual supercomputer
    Freescale SemiconductorMultimedia and Applications Processor Division
  • Jono BaconStanding On The Shoulders Of Giants: The Coming Of The Linux Desktop
    KEYNOTE Speaker
    Ubuntu Community Manager

  • Joseph G. ThibaultOSSIE: Introduction to Moodle
    GlobalClassroomExecutive Director
  • Joseph HartmanOSSIE: The Promise of Open Source Education: 4-Step Linux MiniLANs with Edubuntu & LTSP
    Albert Einstein Academies
  • Josh BerkusPostgreSQL 8.3: Latest Features of the Most Advanced Database, Topic: Open Source Database
    Sun MicrosystemsPostgreSQL strategic lead

  • K.S. BhaskarFIS PIP - A GPL'd High End Transaction Processing Database Application Platform
    Fidelity National Information ServicesSenior Vice President
  • Karen SandlerLegal Organizational Issues for Free Software Projects
    Software Freedom Law Center
  • Ken GilmerOperating Systems for Embedded Platforms
    Bug LabsHead of Software Development

  • Liana HolmbergSecond Life: Open Source & Open Standards for the Virtual World
    Open Source & Licensing Linden Lab (Makers of Second Life)Program Manager
  • Lorie ObalOSSIE: FreeMind in Education
  • Luke KaniesUsing Puppet to Manage Your Network
    Reductive LabsFounder

  • Nathan YerglerBuilding the Commons: Integrating CC in Your Application
    Creative CommonsChief Technology Officer
  • Rick JungDOHCS: Medsphere, Longterm Strategies
  • Rin UreVirtual Subhosting Security
    VerioPerformance Engineer

  • Robert ScottHot Topics in Open Source Licensing
    Scott & Scott, LLPManaging Partner
  • Roger MaduroDOHCS: Vista
  • Roy RubinBuilding an Ecommerce Site with Open Source Tools / An Overview of Open Source Commerce Solutions

  • Stormy PetersWould you do it again for free?
    KEYNOTE Speaker
  • Susan KuchinskasWIOS: Women and open source: A match made in hormones.
  • Sven OehmeScale Out File Services using Samba and a Clusterd Filesystem

  • Ted GouldThe Ubuntu Desktop: Bling for Usability
    CanonicalUbuntu Desktop Developer
  • Ted HaegerBungee Labs: Inside a Linux-powered, On-demand Startup
  • Thomas StockingHow NOT to Deploy Nagios: Tips, Tricks and Gotchas in Deploying Nagios
    Founder & Technical Member