Nicholas Maramba, Helen Ortiz
Audience: Everyone

Technology has improved many aspects of life, including art. Over time, artist have been able to create their pieces through entierly digital means using art programs and apps. Free, open-source applications such as Krita allow new artist to practice and learn to draw at no cost! However, these programs can be confusing for new comers, so learning about the ins and outs of the tools is a good starting point. With our experience of creating art with Krita, we will teach you how to create art of your own!

Hema Veeradhi, Surya Pathak
Audience: Beginner

In an era of Generative AI and Large Language Models, using old-school machine learning might sound archaic. The reality is, however, that hidden with your corporate data is a trove of information and hidden business patterns. Leveraging key techniques from open source machine learning can help businesses uncover hidden patterns that will have immediate impact on your customers and on your business strategies.

Jonathan Haddad
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Observability

Troubleshooting performance issues across massive distributed systems can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start, and it’s even harder when the system is running on hundreds or thousands of nodes. In this session, we’ll explore how to go about diagnosing performance problems you might run into, and teach you the tools and process for getting to the bottom of any issue, even when it’s one of the biggest distributed deployments on the planet.

KC Braunschweig
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

Let's discuss philosophy relevant to building distributed systems and fallacies that lead to common pitfalls. Then we’ll talk about common patterns and algorithms you should know.
For the less experienced, this will give you concepts and patterns you can apply later from a non-technical perspective that is accessible for everyone. For the more experienced, you’ll be able to relate these concepts to your own real world examples. I was a Theatre major not a CS major so we’ll approach this from a language perspective not a math perspective.

Chanchal Gupta, Simon Wong
Topic: Observability

We live in a continuous delivery and integration world requiring fast paced delivery of features. Load tests play a key line of defense in ensuring that you are not releasing defects or impacting services SLO. In this talk we will go over the process of leveraging telemetry to provide visibility into your load testing system and then using a data driven approach to ensure that the system is focusing on the most important resources. While we go through this process we’ll question some common assumptions that could result in improved accuracy, confidence, and potential cost savings.

Isabella Rodriguez, Tea Kostka
Audience: Everyone

Ever thought, “Hey, I can make this game way better?” to a game you perceive as terrible? Well, that’s just rude. Behind-the-scenes of creating video games takes time and effort to reach the outcome the developer is trying to achieve. With GDevelop, you can be in the developer’s shoes. Join us and create your very own game for your enjoyment! 

Pierre Penninckx
Topic: NixCon

How standardizing NixOS options for modules achieving the same goal (SSO, backup, etc.) can move Nix one step forward to be an industry leader in the Server Management tooling space.

Gerardo Lopez, Fabrizio Sgura
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Cloud Native

We are excited to share with you the story of how Cilium, the powerful eBPF-based networking and security project, has played a pivotal role in enhancing observability, security, and good practices in our projects. In the ever-evolving landscape of modern technology, ensuring trusted ecosystems for our applications and infrastructure is of paramount importance.

Topic: Ubucon

Can embracing Ubuntu go beyond adopting an open-source operating system? Can it be a catalyst for an artistic revolution within the open-source landscape? As we navigate the digital landscape, Ubuntu stands as a living testament to the idea that great open-source design is not only visually pleasing but also a reflection of shared values and a potential revolution in collective artistic aspirations.

Sweet Tea Dorminy
Audience: Everyone

Recently btrfs, a next-generation Linux filesystem, has been working on the ability to seamlessly encrypt filenames and contents -- learn more about how to use it and its benefits and tradeoffs versus other encryption solutions like LUKS.