Isabella Rodriguez, Tea Kostka
Audience: Everyone

Ever thought, “Hey, I can make this game way better?” to a game you perceive as terrible? Well, that’s just rude. Behind-the-scenes of creating video games takes time and effort to reach the outcome the developer is trying to achieve. With GDevelop, you can be in the developer’s shoes. Join us and create your very own game for your enjoyment! 

Pierre Penninckx
Topic: NixCon

How standardizing NixOS options for modules achieving the same goal (SSO, backup, etc.) can move Nix one step forward to be an industry leader in the Server Management tooling space.

Gerardo Lopez, Fabrizio Sgura
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Cloud Native

We are excited to share with you the story of how Cilium, the powerful eBPF-based networking and security project, has played a pivotal role in enhancing observability, security, and good practices in our projects. In the ever-evolving landscape of modern technology, ensuring trusted ecosystems for our applications and infrastructure is of paramount importance.

Topic: Ubucon

Can embracing Ubuntu go beyond adopting an open-source operating system? Can it be a catalyst for an artistic revolution within the open-source landscape? As we navigate the digital landscape, Ubuntu stands as a living testament to the idea that great open-source design is not only visually pleasing but also a reflection of shared values and a potential revolution in collective artistic aspirations.

Sweet Tea Dorminy
Audience: Everyone

Recently btrfs, a next-generation Linux filesystem, has been working on the ability to seamlessly encrypt filenames and contents -- learn more about how to use it and its benefits and tradeoffs versus other encryption solutions like LUKS. 

Tatiana Krupenya
Audience: Beginner
Topic: PostgreSQL

Can we write database queries in ChatGPT? The simple answer is Yes, but how good is these queries? During the talk we will go through the whole process of forming the right request for AI, discuss the main issues that AI has and some mistakes that users make, and of course, how to avoid all of these problem and get a good result. 

Christopher Travers
Audience: Everyone
Topic: PostgreSQL

This presentation focuses on the finer points of NULLs in PostgreSQL as well as corner cases.  We will start with an introduction to NULLs and three-valued logic and a quick overview of the common NULL traps that everyone tends to fall for.  Then we will dive in to corner cases and what they tell us about NULL handling in general.  We will also cover a few cases where proper understanding of NULL handling makes some problems much easier. 

Scott Williams, Perry Rivera, Brian Monroe
Audience: Everyone

Experience the Fedora desktop in an immutable fashion!

This all levels demo explores the basics of Silverblue, Kinoite, Sericea, and Onyx. A survey of the history, installation basics, getting started, and basic tools will be covered.

We'll start with ways to install applications, proceed to upgrading between different versions of Fedora, and cover key container development tools. From basic users to container developers, there's something for everyone here! 

Samuel Raumin
Audience: Everyone

Within the university setting, Linux is treated more as a burdening task than a helpful tool. In this presentation, we will explore the synergy that is Linux, Nix, and Computer Engineering. With these tools, we can enable engineers to use tools that work within the same environment as the developer before going out into the big world.

Lisa Umberger
Topic: Security

Security policies are critical to mitigating the challenges and issues facing security departments and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. This talk highlights the importance of security policies in addressing security issues and compliance failures, and offers strategies for creating, implementing, and enforcing effective security policies that align with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.