The Next Generation (SCaLE Youth Track)

SCALE: The Next Generation, a youth-focused tech event will return to Pasadena on Saturday, March 16th, from 11am to 5pm.  This is an event where the free & open source community leaders of tomorrow will be able to spotlight their ideas, projects and talents!  This year's program will include sessions on everything from digital art to building games to computer vision to robotics and mechatronics and 3D design and printing. All sessions are presented by students in grades 6-12.

In addition to the presentations by fellow students, attendees may visit The Next Generation (TNG) Playground to get hands-on experience with different flavors of Linux and open source apps, computer vision / OpenCV, AI and generative art, and 3D printing.  The Los Angeles Public Library will be there with their neighborhood science kits.  The Open Source Rover will be available for demonstration and Q&A.  These activities are mainly geared for middle school and high school students, but there will be a couple of activities for younger kids to build projects with Snap Circuits and Turing Tumble


Thanks to a generous donation by the Google and CNCF, attendees under the age of 18 can attend SCALE at no charge.  Note: A registered parent or guardian must accompany their child to SCALE TNG and stay for the duration. Our recommended ratio for adult to student supervision is as follows:

Grade 10-12: 1 adult for any number of students

Grades 7-9, 1 adult to 3 students

Grades 3-6, 1 adult to 2 students

Grades 2 and younger, 1 adult to 1 student

Please register the adult attendee here with either the Expo Pass or SCALE Pass.

Please register individual students here.  This is mainly for parents bringing their kids or students who want to attend and have arranged an adult chaperone. 

If you are bringing a school group or club, please register students and chaperones here.

If you have any questions, please email us.

If you would like to pass the word about our event, you can use this flyer.

For those interested in helping to plan the event, we encourage you to join the scale-kids mailing list.



The Next Generation Playground is open from 11am-5pm.  Students can come by at any time. 

Talk ​​Schedule: 

11:15am Digital Art Makes You Smart (Nicholas Maramba, Helen Ortiz) 

12:00pm Don't Judge a Game by its Cover  (Isabella Rodriguez, Tea Kostka)

1:45pm  Robotic gaming robot (Michael Wang)

 2:30pm TrustworthyAI (Ethan Sun)

3:30pm Mechatronics, Sensors & 3D Design and Printing (Cynthia Prieto-Espinoza, Adanelly Chavez, Kimberly Vallejo, Alexa Hernandez)


4:15pm Smart 3D Printing Surveillance (Christine Li) 

Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 10:00

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