Elevate Security and Observability with Cilium


We are excited to share with you the story of how Cilium, the powerful eBPF-based networking and security project, has played a pivotal role in enhancing observability, security, and good practices in our projects. In the ever-evolving landscape of modern technology, ensuring trusted ecosystems for our applications and infrastructure is of paramount importance. 


Cilium Overview 

  • Discuss the core concepts and features of Cilium.
  • Explain how eBPF technology is used within Cilium.
  • Highlight Cilium's role in enhancing security and observability.

Setting Up the Environment 

  • Provide instructions for setting up a development environment.
  • Guide participants on installing Cilium and its dependencies.

Demo 1: Security with Cilium

  • Present a practical demonstration of how Cilium enhances security.
  • Showcase the use of Cilium for network micro-segmentation.
  • Demonstrate how Cilium enforces security policies based on application protocols.

Demo 2: Observability with Cilium 

  • Conduct a live demo showcasing how Cilium enhances observability.
  • Illustrate how Hubble and cilium work together.
Ballroom G
Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 14:30 to 15:30