Does your load test have you covered?


We live in a continuous delivery and integration world requiring fast paced delivery of features. Organizations need confidence in their ability to release code changes / features. A release pipeline for webapps and microservices can be impacted directly or transitively with changes from each other and require the load test to play a key line of defense in ensuring that you are not releasing defects or impacting services SLO. For as important as load testing is, how do we know that traffic isn’t drifting over time, which may result in low quality traffic? Oftentimes, the load test component may not be evolving as fast as the rest of the release system. In this talk we will go over the process of leveraging telemetry to provide visibility into your load testing system and then using a data driven approach to ensure that the system is focusing on the most important resources. While we go through this process we’ll question some common assumptions that could result in improved accuracy, confidence, and potential cost savings.

Room 107
Sunday, March 17, 2024 - 13:45 to 14:45