Sunny Bains
Audience: Everyone
Topic: MySQL

Beyond MySQL: Advancing into the New Era of Distributed SQL with TiDB

This talk is about the history, innovation and evolution of the MySQL ecosystem and MySQL’s attempts to address the challenge and issues around big data. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get MySQL to work at a large scale. With TIDB, you get scalability out of the box. TiDB is an open source MySQL wire compatible distributed SQL database. We will discuss TiDB architecture and its various components and how they come together to solve the challenge of scale out, HTAP, multi-tenancy and DDL.

Fatima Taj
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Career Day

This talk aims to provide an in-depth explanation of what typical career progression looks like for software engineers, how promotions work, what they entail, who’s involved, and details actionable steps to get promoted to a senior software engineer. 

Quentin Deslandes
Audience: Intermediate

bpfilter, once dormant, has been revived as a userspace daemon available on GitHub. It allows dynamic generation of packet-filtering BPF programs with a user-friendly interface. This presentation provides an overview of bpfilter, covering front-end clients, communication with the daemon, BPF program support, bytecode manipulation, and recent features, including benchmark results.

Ben Potter
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Cloud Native

Self-serve developer portals have become quite the hit, but did you know there are open-source variants? By leveraging Backstage's self-serve catalog alongside Coder's remote IDEs, developers can navigate between project inception, ongoing development, and documentation management. Attendees will delve into the core functionalities of Backstage and Coder, grasp the integration of these open-source endeavors to enhance the developer workflow, and explore real-world scenarios reflecting the productivity and operational advancements through this integration.

Neal Gompa, Davide Cavalca
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

In 2020, Apple introduced the M1 ARM SoC, and the world changed! Well, not exactly... But it did change the world for Macs, as this began the era of ARM-based Mac computers using Apple's own CPU designs. These so-called "Apple Silicon Macs" can't run Linux... or can't they?

With tight collaboration with the Asahi Linux project, the Fedora Asahi SIG have produced the Fedora Asahi Remix to allow people to run Fedora Linux on these new Macs. This presentation introduces the Fedora Asahi SIG and discusses the journey to supporting Fedora Linux for these new Macs.

Badi Abdul-Wahid
Topic: NixCon

Learn about the benefits of using Nix and Bazel, and the role of overlays in build systems.

Adrianna Frick
Topic: Ubucon

Canonical Ubuntu Essentials: Proving Self-Taught Career Skills

Shaun McCance, Carl George
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Workshops

Learn how CentOS works and how you can make it work better for you. CentOS is the open source, community operating system that releases just ahead of RHEL. The CentOS project also provides a space for people to build technologies on top of the operating system for specific use cases, from clouds to cars. We will present an overview of the CentOS ecosystem, followed by a workshop teaching you how to make your own packages.

Federico Lucifredi, Gregory Farnum, JC Lopez
Audience: Advanced

Ceph is an Open Source distributed object store, network block device, and file system designed for reliability, performance, and scalability. It runs on commodity hardware, has no single point of failure, and is supported in the Linux kernel.

This tutorial will describe the Ceph architecture, share its design principles, and discuss how it can be part of a cost-effective, reliable cloud stack.

Callahan Kovacs
Topic: Ubucon

Jellyfin? PiHole? Home Assistant? Wouldn't it be nice to manage them all in one place, migrate them to new hardware, and have peace of mind on security, updates, and stability? Well now you can, with Juju!