Vivienne Byrd
Audience: Everyone

Discover the evolution of public libraries into hubs for citizen science. We'll delve into how these programs are reshaping libraries' roles in the open science movement and examine the challenges linking citizen science to open access and data. Learn about the library's new chapter as a nexus for community engagement and scientific exploration.

Chunxu Tang, Shawn Sun
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Cloud Native

Cloud-native tech is transforming AI infrastructure with unique challenges in data and model management. We highlight best practices for optimized data and model access. Drawing from leaders like Microsoft, Uber, and Shopee, attendees will gain actionable strategies for refining their cloud-based AI setups.


Xavier Rene-Corail
Audience: Developer
Topic: Security

For the first time in software's history, AI assistants distill the collective knowledge of developers, making coding easier, but what about more secure? This is crucial as our research shows that there exists 1 AppSec professional for every 100 software developers.

Joe Conway
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: PostgreSQL

If a PostgreSQL database resides on, for example, a RHEL 7 system with glibc version 2.17, and the operating system (OS) is upgraded to RHEL 8 with glibc version 2.28, the majority of indexes built on collatable columns will be broken. This talk will walk through examples of the types of breakage that can occur, the proposed solution at a high level, and a demonstration of the solution in action.

Topic: Kwaai Summit


Consumer Protection in Ai

Guinevere Saenger
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Cloud Native

When you've run the same Docker command in your CLI for the fifteen thousandth time, you know you have some automation to do. In this talk we will learn how to avoid creating the dreaded `scripts/` and use Docker's Go libraries instead to build, run, and update our Docker environments.

Ryan Trinkle
Topic: NixCon

Add state of the art continuous integration (CI) to your project. With Nix, CI not only enhances code quality, it also provides automatic binary caching, speeding up development and deployment. We'll cover the basics, gotchas, and tips and tricks for CI in Nix-based projects, and then help you apply them to your own project. Mentors will be available to help work through any issues you encounter. Our goal is for everyone to leave the workshop with a fully set up CI process in production.

Tatiana Krupenya
Audience: Beginner
Topic: General

When we hear about open-source contribution we usually imagine code contribution. In DBeaver we have developed open-source applications for more than 10 years and we have contributors around the world. Are they all developers? Of course not. Can we say that code contribution is the most valuable among other types? Also not. Let's take a look how else you can help your favourite open source project.


Caleb Schoepp, Justin Pflueger
Audience: Beginner

This workshop starts with the open source Spin tool for building WebAssembly-based serverless apps. We'll build a simple Hello World app in TypeScript (advanced participants can opt for Rust or Python instead). Then we'll turn our simple Hello World into a first foray into AI inferencing using a large language model (LLM). This is an excellent opportunity to try out AI with only a dozen or so lines of code.

Aaron Prisk
Topic: Ubucon

More information coming soon