Tom Callaway
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

Collaboration is the foundation of open source. Enter CO.LAB – a Raspberry Pi-based program designed to introduce middle school girls from underserved areas to the principles of open source -- and to a world of technology and collaboration that they may not have otherwise considered.

Ron Evans
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Developer

Computer Vision (CV) software, in particular the powerful open source OpenCV ( is ready to come into its own.

But there has not been any way to unlock the latest OpenCV using the Go programming language... until now.

Introducing GoCV (

In this talk I will show how to use GoCV to build the next generation of computer vision applications, with live code demonstrations.

Jörg Schad
Audience: Intermediate

A lot of talks will tell you how to setup a system correctly. This talk is about what not to do with your Apache Mesos cluster.

We will share some of our favorite/scariest support stories covering typical system-setup, configuration, and application pitfalls for new (and not-so-new) Mesos and DC/OS operators. And, we will give some hints about how to debug those pitfalls if you do encounter them, resulting in fewer nightmares.

Randal Schwartz, Wm Leler
Audience: Developer
Topic: Developer

Google's modern Dart language has a new trick up its sleeve.  Besides rich server-side and browser-side applications, Dart can now be deployed to both iOS and Android from one codebase with an ecosystem of plugins and amazing community support. This overview talk describes the current tooling, and demo gods willing, will even show the code running on live iOS and Android simulators.

Elijah C. M. Voigt
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Security

Math is hard and intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! This talk covers advanced topics in Cryptography, condensed into the most essential information. The goal being to equip you, a kickass coder or admin, with some of the theory behind the protocols of past, present, and future.

Gater Byte, Edward Abrams, Demetrius Comes
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Badge Hacking

What is the DCDarknet? How are badge boards designed? This talk will be a crash course in what the DCDarknet is and how we made our own badge.

JT Nelson
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Ubucon

Open source software for Digital Content Creation is rapidly becoming more prevalent in Hollywood and the video game industry. Insights will be shared on how decentralization and democratization of technology is on the bleeding edge in the animation and VFX industries via rapidly growing open source media production and collaboration ecosystems using blender, Ubuntu in the cloud and other F/LOSS. Find out practical ways to leverage this and open up new opportunities for people of all means to produce professional quality work that they might not otherwise have.

Scott Emmons
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Cloud

Imagine having to upgrade 100,000 servers to install a kernel patch. In this talk, you’ll hear how the Netflix Operating System team uses automation to keep a common Linux base image up to date, and how our application teams deploy their applications on this image, always picking up the latest. We’ll talk about how we insulate developers from the operating system and tailor the upstream Linux distribution for large scale cloud deployment. We’ll also discuss best practices such as using immutable infrastructure and designing for failure to insure service availability.

Kyle Bunting
Audience: Everyone

In this workshop, attendees will gain a better understanding of how to integrate and deploy hosted open source software (OSS) workloads into the cloud. Migrate an existing MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js) application from a hosted environment into Azure PaaS, leveraging DevOps tools.

This is a sponsored hands on workshop by Microsoft.

Ryan Gorley
Audience: Everyone
Topic: LibreGraphics

One need not look far to find brilliant developers contributing to FOSS projects. Can the same be said of brilliant UX designers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals? While not entirely absent, the shortage of these individuals, and their complementary abilities, limits the perceived-value, visibility, and usability of many community-driven projects. Drawing from his own experience as a marketing and creative professional, Ryan Gorley presents some solutions to bring more yin to the yang of the free and open-source community.