Behan Webster
Audience: Developer
Topic: Embedded

We’ve covered the basics in the morning Yocto Project talk. In this seminar we assume you know how to use bitbake, write recipes and build images. Now we’re going to go more in depth into OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project. This seminar will cover more advanced aspects of the build system and some of the OpenEmbedded tools which can make your life a lot easier when building a project using the Yocto Project.

Jason Hibbets
Audience: Beginner
Topic: Open Data

In this session, I will share how Code for Raleigh partnered with our county IT innovation team to identify challenges based on community goals, set by our county commissioners. Then we'll explore how our event planning team prepared open data in for the NC Open Pass event series. I'll wrap up with the final teams competing in the open data competition and we'll explore the impact of open data and how its having a positive impact in our community.

JT Nelson
Audience: Everyone
Topic: LibreGraphics

This visual effects showcase is inspiring to both artists and developers. Demonstrations will cover fast and easy workflows enhanced with Python UI scripts plus full Bullet physics simulation interaction. Cutting edge "fake" sims put bending metal, deforming plastic, cloth and water in the hands of open source users and are only available in the Fracture Modifier build. This is an ideal session for prospective blender artists and developers that are democratizing Hollywood with open source and Linux software.

Christoph Weber
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

A lot of laws and regulations have changed or are coming our way, affecting open source projects whether we like it or not. You may not even be aware of all the things you can run afoul of, until someone comes knocking.

I will present the challenges a project and it's website face and possible ways of dealing with them. 

Ty Shipman
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Security

The talk covers the practical solutions to storing passwords and secure ways to share those passwords. The solutions range from commercial to open source and some role your own. It will also covers solutions that answer the question; “How do I allow others to access all my passwords after I am incapacitated or dead?”

Bryan Lunduke
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

From the dawn of time, the Universe has been careening, ever faster, towards its ultimate goal -- the creation of Linux. Come with Bryan Lunduke on a journey through time... chronicling every step, in the history of all that ever was, which has brought the Linux kernel into being. From the first creatures emerging, tentatively, from the sea... to Linus Torvalds being bitten by a jerk penguin. No detail, however minuscule, will be spared (time permitting.)

Colin Charles
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: SysAdmin

Databases (referred here as data stores, since some modern ones prefer to be referred to as stores) require capacity planning (and to those coming from traditional RDBMS solutions, this can be thought of as a sizing guide). Capacity planning prevents resource exhaustion. Capacity planning can be hard. This talk has a heavier leaning on MySQL, but the concepts and addendum will help with any other data store.

Robert Leale
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Badge Hacking

Every year the Car Hacking Village makes a Badge that is programmable and is a capable of connecting to a vehicle's OBDII Port. For vehicles made from 2008 and newer, CAN Bus is a requirement.åÊ In this talk we'll discuss Car Hacking, the Car Hacking Village, and most importantly the Car Hacking Village Badges (Past, Present, and Future)

Topic: BoFs

Ever go through an interview, think you did great and then just get rejected by a template email with no feedback? This is a place to discuss the jobsearch/interview process in an open forum. People can feel free to ask any questions they like and employers/hiring managers can share anonymous stories for others to learn from.

Justin Garrison
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Cloud

Infrastructure in the cloud should not be built or managed the same way as traditional infrastructure. Justin will review patterns and practices for creating infrastructure that has been proven to run at scale in the cloud from companies such as Netflix and Google. He'll also look at projects that encompass the cloud native ethos to help bootstrap your infrastructure.