Democratizing Hollywood and Game Industry Technology with Open Source


Open source software for Digital Content Creation is rapidly becoming more prevalent in Hollywood and the game industry. Insights will be shared on how decentralization and democratization of technology is already on the bleeding edge even in the animation and visual effects industries via rapidly growing open source media production and collaboration ecosystems using blender, Krita, Ubuntu in the cloud and many other F/LOSS solutions.

Examples will be shared of boutique studios using open source software in popular and award nominated work. Ecosystems and the open solutions that are used will be described in detail as well as how open source in combination with cloud computing is revolutionizing remote collaboration with talent all around the world.  This provides a more even playing field for the average person from a type of self governed bottom up movement in the industry that focuses more on talent and production quality than if someone is part of an established studio workforce or using industry standard software.

As a special addition an overview of the popular Fracture Modifier branch of blender that is used in visual effects for film and TV will be given showing how a small team out of the middle of nowhere has provided a powerful open source tool to the industry.

With all this in mind, find out practical ways to leverage this and open up new opportunities to people and small studios of all means to produce professional quality work in a way that they might not otherwise have. Case studies will be explained, practical solutions will be outlined and insights into the future of this movement will be shared.

Ballroom A
Friday, March 9, 2018 - 10:00 to 11:00