SCaLE 12X – the 12th annual Southern California Linux Expo – takes place on Feb. 21-23, 2014, at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel. As the first-of-the-year Linux/Open Source software expo in North America, SCaLE 12X expects to host more than 100 exhibitors this year, along with nearly 80 sessions, tutorials and special events

SCaLE is a community run open-source and free software conference held annually in Los Angeles.

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A message from Lawrence Lessig

Hello SCALErs:

I was grateful for the chance to present at the SCALE conference last Friday, and especially grateful for the feedback and ideas. If you’d like to share the talk with others, it is CC licensed (surprise surprise!) and available here.

At the end of my talk, I made a pretty strong ask for volunteers who might be willing to lend some of their technical skills to the cause. Appropriately enough, the link that I had provided died earlier in the day, so any offers to help were lost. I am endlessly indebted to the organizers of SCALE for allowing me to make this followup pitch: If you’re willing to help, we (obviously) need it. Just send an email to with a description of the sort of commitment/skills you can offer, and if helpful, a description of your background.

Thank you again to SCALE and to you. There’s an enormous amount of work to be done, but I am hopeful you will make it much easier!

-Lawrence Lessig

Asking questions at the Sunday keynote


SCALE 12X, at the request of the speaker, is providing a second way of asking questions of the keynoter during the keynote.

Folks have the option of asking questions during Sunday's SCALE 12X keynote – Leslie Hawthorn's “Why Checking Your Privilege is Good For *You*” -- can be asked via IRC, if one does not wish to ask it publicly.

Those wishing to use the option of asking a question via IRC can sign on to #scale-chat on the OFTC network and ask on this moderated channel.


Speaker Interview: Kirill Kolyshkin

Kirill Kolyshkin took a few minutes to talk to the SCALE Team about "Seven Problems of Linux Containers."

Q: Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background?

A: My name is Kirill Kolyshkin, I work with Linux since when I was a student (1994 or so, it was a Slackware on a CD with Linux 1.0.9 kernel). For the last
7 years I am driving OpenVZ project forward.