Stuart Sheldon
Audience: Beginner
Topic: HAM Radio

So you passed your test and your License is printed out and sitting on the mantle... Now what???


Marek Vasut
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Embedded

This presentation is a practical guide to implementing U-Boot bootloader port to a new system from scratch. At the beginning, two main pillars of contemporary U-Boot, device tree (DT) support and driver model (DM), are explained. This is followed by an in-depth look at the crucial subsystems, clock, pinmux, serial, block and a few other commonly used ones. Finally, systems with limited resources and multi-stage booting is discussed. The talk includes examples and experiences from platforms recently added to mainline U-Boot.

Andres Freund
Audience: Developer
Topic: PostgreSQL

This talk will describe, by example, past, recent and future efficiency improvements in PostgreSQL, including the use of just in time compilation.

Eyal Gutkind
Audience: Developer
Topic: Developer

Users of Big Data oriented datastores want to process millions of operations per second in a latency-sensitive manner. To achieve these kind of performance, the kernel can be a friend with whom we ally, or a foe who we bypass.

In this talk we will present the internal architecture of the Scylla datastore--a C++ from-scratch reimplementation of the popular Apache Cassandra with a performance baseline not previously seen in the NoSQL world.  Attendees will learn about what Linux interfaces are employed in modern datastores and why and which trade offs usually go with them.

Behan Webster
Audience: Developer
Topic: Embedded

Many people find the Linux kernel overwhelming place, and don’t know where to start. This seminar will introduce the kernel Kbuild system, one which has been copied into most other Embedded code bases in order to handle the configuration of features in the code. We will also cover how to build and install code as module into a running kernel.  PREQUISTITE: PocketBeagle Walk Through


Marek Vasut
Audience: Developer
Topic: Embedded

U-Boot is the universal bootloader used on a vast majority of embedded systems, development kits, products and so on. This session is an introduction into the U-Boot bootloader, including a hands-on part, and covers practical topics like identifying that the board is running U-Boot, accessing and exploring the U-Boot shell, including advanced scripting techniques to make life easier, obtaining information about the current hardware, accessing busses and storage and finally booting the kernel.

Topic: BoFs

I'll be bringing my bodhran and spoons. if you play fiddle, flute, bagpipes, guitar, or any other melodic instrument, we can have a session. (if you all come  with a bodhran, we'll have a drumming session instead ;-)

 we'll have fun. here is an example of our impromptu session at FOSDEM 

If there is enough interest we may repeat the session, please check the schedule

Robinson Tryon
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Open Data

The high-tech industry has revolutionized healthcare, but how can we ensure that patients retain control over personal data, are empowered to use open formats, and can access data using FOSS tools?

Andrew Dacayanan, Seseragi Yasumaru
Audience: Beginner

Taiga is an open source platform that is more than a task-manager; it is a tool with the potential to extend and revolutionize the way in which students learn and interact with society. As students take part in executing projects or collaborating with classmates, Taiga allows leaders to learn how to communicate online and keep track of tasks. With Taiga, students can express their creativity with coding and manifest their creations with a personalized, easy-to-use project manager.

Elizabeth K. Joseph
Topic: Ubucon

Ubuntu is well-known for being a secure system by default, but there are things you can do (and not do!) to make sure that it stays safe. This talk will cover everything from staying on top of security updates to encrypting your hard drive and understanding how to safely use Personal Package Archives (PPA) packages. You'll also learn how the Ubuntu Firewall (UFW) works and how services like this can also protect a server running Ubuntu.