Josh Berkus, Jason Brooks
Audience: Beginner

Of course we're used to running containers on top of virtual machines, but did you know you can also run virtual machines in containers, or as containers?  And containers on VMs in containers on VMs?  That may sound crazy, but there's plenty of reasons to intermix containers and VMs ... truly they are Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together.

Clint Byrum
Audience: Developer
Topic: Cloud

OpenStack runs one of the largest automated testing environments ever publicly viewed. Some might say you can even see it from space. While supporting the many hundreds of active developers, and landing many hundreds of well tested patches very day, the OpenStack infra team created an advanced Apache licensed CI engine named Zuul.

Until recently, Zuul has been focused entirely on OpenStack's CI space, but many users have sprouted from that. With v3.0 just around the corner, Zuul is ready to take on a wider community and scale your CI to the moon.

Audience: Everyone
Topic: DevOpsDay LA

Demonstrating the use of chatops to simplify and increase provisioning automation on the EdgeCast. Network at Verizon Digital Media Services. The Talk will discuss how Stackstorm, and Saltstack, provide the muscle behind the easy access of the slack interface to successfully upgrade well over 10,000 production physical servers within a few months, the tools used, the social impact on various affected teams.

Nolan Leake
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Cloud

Come see how to securely host your email in your own home on a Raspberry Pi 3 or old PC, with no skills required beyond being able to install and use a smartphone app. Other server applications will also be demonstrated.

The talk will cover the motivations, architecture, design, and implementation of the system.

Chris VanTuin
Audience: Beginner

With the rise of DevOps, containers are at the brink of becoming a pervasive technology in Enterprise IT to accelerate application delivery for the business. When it comes to adopting containers in the enterprise, Security is the highest adoption barrier. Is your organization ready to address the security risks with containers for your DevOps environment? 

Martin Ruvalcaba, Jackie Tam
Audience: Beginner

GnuCash is an open source accounting software that allows users to track income, transactions, stocks, and other forms of monetary management. In addition, it helps plan upcoming payments, deposits, and investments. In today’s society, many teenagers lack the financial education on how to be fiscally responsible. Financial literacy is an important topic that traditional high schools leave out of the core curriculum, which conflicts with the globalized, commercialized world we live in. As technology and markets grow, so too must the next generation’s knowledge about economics.

Sarah Conway
Audience: Everyone
Topic: PostgreSQL

In this talk, I will describe what a Kubernetes Operator is, how it is used within a containerized PostgreSQL environment, and the various features found in a reference implementation of an operator. Operators are useful in building an orchestration layer on top of a container platform such as Kubernetes. Orchestration features such as backup, restore, cloning, and upgrades will be highlighted. An operator is an extension of a cloud based PostgreSQL deployment and would be of interest to companies deploying PostgreSQL on cloud environments.

Stephen Frost
Audience: Advanced
Topic: PostgreSQL

Ever work with advanced SQL constructs such as Common Table Expressions (CTEs)?åÊ What about window functions, or LATERAL? Come learn about advanced SQL capabilities supported in your favorite open source RDBMS- PostgreSQL.

Kate Hutton
Topic: HAM Radio

Through the years, Amateur Radio has always been the original open-source project; and with “Hams” openly sharing ideas, tools, experience, and  message traffic they continue to support it and their service community. Historically, the origin of the Amateur Radio service was intertwined with the idea of relaying messages.  Back when telegrams and long-distance telephone calls were expensive, and not everyone even had a telephone, many people knew Hams and called upon them to get personal messages to and from distant friends and relatives.

Topic: BoFs

Stratalux's team of engineers will be available to answer all the questions you might have about Amazon Web Services. We can help with AWS pricing, deployments, services, etc. Ask us anything!