Luis Villa

The Enforcement Panel led by Luis Villa, will address current enforcement tendencies, best practices in enforcement situations, provide negotiation tips for those dealing with enforcement. The panel will use already decided cases and hypotheticals to describe different scenarios, as well as taking questions from the audience.

Topic: BoFs

An opportunity to follow up on my talk from earlier in the day (Room 101, 16:30) and discuss the evolution going on in the Fedora distribution in particular and any discussions about the innovation going on in other distributions.

Langdon White
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: SysAdmin

For a few years now, we have been working to make the Fedora Distribution less monolithic and find ways to better meet user needs. We refer to that work as the "Fedora Modularity Objective." We will be discussing some of our setbacks, our new architecture and demo'ing how it works. We will also demonstrate how using modules can simplify container development and maintenance.

Soam Vasani
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Cloud

"Serverless" functions allow users to easily create services from source code without dealing with packaging, deployment, scaling and other aspects related to the management of the underlying infrastructure. Fission is an open source serverless function framework. Users write functions and map them to event sources, such as HTTP requests, timers, Kubernetes watches, and message queues.

Topic: BoFs

Randal Schwartz and Wm Leler will answer your questions about Flutter and Dart (see and

Topic: BoFs

For people interested or working in Data Science. We might discuss Python, R or Julia data science tools, or maybe Tensorflow and Deep Learning packages and applications.  

Richard Fontana, Justin Colannino
Audience: Advanced

Team up and test your legal ethics chops against your free software friends, foes, and colleagues! Free software ethics "experts" Richard Fontana and Justin Colannino will present puzzling ethics hypotheticals and award points to groups for "correct" answers, followed by group discussion/debate on the issues. Winning group to walk away with fun and exciting* prizes. *Prizes not guaranteed to be fun or exciting

Kyle Rankin
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: General

Capture the Flag tournaments have long been used to test hacker skills but they can also serve as effective security training for developers. I’ll share a case study where I turned teams of developers with no prior security training against each other in a CTF cloud arena featuring their own applications and watched them rack up points as they popped shells in each other’s applications and filed bugs in our bug tracker. I’ll cover rules, scoring, and the preliminary training leading up to the CTF tournament as well as how I set up the arena and the results of my own CTF tournament.

Mica Semrick
Audience: Everyone
Topic: LibreGraphics

Is your photo library a mess? No backups? Bit rot? Are applications making a mockery of your metadata and sidecar files? Then using git can help! Join me to learn to use git in your workflow.

Alan Ott
Audience: Developer
Topic: Developer

Git is a powerful, flexible, distributed source control management system. With the power that Git gives the end user it is possible to create logs with commits which are simple to understand with changes described clearly, commits germane to a single atomic feature or bug fix, and unlikely to contain unintended consequences. With a clean commit history bugs and regressions can be clearly understood and found using automated tools. These principles are required for patch submissions to the kernel and other F/OSS projects.