John Hawley
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Embedded

IoT is a mess of security problems, in fact there isn't a facet of the IoT world that isn't a security nightmare, and yet we are rushing as quickly as we can to deploy this amazingly powerful, and cheap, devices as quickly as possible.  Given that IoT's future is rather bleak, with ip cameras participating in DDoS attacks, TVs listening to your conversations, and devices that are completely reliant on the cloud, this is intended as a discussion of what we can do, and what is being seen in live deployments.

Topic: BoFs

This BOF is for all amateur radio operators interested in deploying a ham radio "Internet" using the AREDN firmware and modified wireless access points.

Possible topics for this BOF:

Meet & Greet / Face to Face / Introductions
AREDN firmware overview
Application discussion / presentation
Local network buildout discussion
Q & A

Ryan Jarvinen
Audience: Developer

Learn Kubernetes basics through a series of hands-on command-line interactions. 

This interactive session involves using kubectl to learn about kubernetes APIs and the basic abstractions provided for modeling distributed solutions. By the end of this workshop you’ll be deploying, scaling, and automating container-based solutions using open source tools for distributed computing.

To follow along, bring a laptop with:

Federico Lucifredi
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Embedded

Using the lowest amount of custom hardware and pouring Perl and Shell Script over everything as the glue binding it all, we create two minimalistic devices delivering a perfectly tuned network time source (synchronizing with a GPS satellite), and a naturally random entropy source (leveraging a Geiger tube’s measurement of natural background radiation).


Alejandro Proano
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: SysAdmin

We will motivate the implementation of a performance harness framework. Having such testing infrastructure can help to resolve and anticipate problems introduced by changes to your system. Our examples will focus on tuning at the CPU level.

Dave Cramer
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: PostgreSQL

Ever wondered what all of the connection properties of the driver actually do? 

Additionally how to use the Logical Decoding features of PostgreSQL with the builtin Replication API recently added to the driver.

Samuel Lurie
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Open Data


The open-source R language has emerged as a favorite tool among statisticians and data scientists. Originally a scripting language intended only for statistical analyses, it has matured to the point of now being a general-purpose language. This talk is designed to be accessible to everyone. It is not intended to be a complete introduction or even enough to get you up and running, but is rather intended as a showcase of the cool features and nuances of R and what sets it apart from all other languages.


Ben Kuo
Audience: Everyone
Topic: HAM Radio

Hurricane Maria on the island nation of Dominica as a Category 5 hurricane and Ham Radio

Nathan Betzen
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

Kodi has existed as a group since 2003. Since then, the community has gone through numerous cycles of growth and reduction. As such, we are pretty familiar with how to grow a community. The far more interesting question we have asked ourselves over time is how to prevent that community from blowing up. 

In this talk, Nathan will review past instances of community loss and identify some factors similar to each instance and suggest some solutions implemented by Team Kodi to hopefully solve those problems.

Brian Proffitt
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Mentoring

The OSAS team in Red Hat has started thinking about using metrics more regularly to measure the health and activity levels of projects and their attendant communities. But the problem is not the data, it's figuring out what is needed from the data.