Nina Kin
Audience: Everyone

The "General Transit Feed Specification" (GTFS) is one of the greatest open data standard success stories you can find in the US. In 2005, Google collaborated with Portland's TriMet to define an easily maintainable and consumable transit data format. The resulting spec is now ubiquitous - it is published by every major transit agency in the US and consumed by every major trip planning app (Google Maps, Transit App, Moovit, etc.).

This session will cover what GTFS is, how you access it, how to use it, and how you can contribute to it as it continues to grow.

Harlan Stenn
Audience: Everyone

Learn about what's new with Network Time Foundation's Projects:

  • NTP (and Network Time Security)
  • LinuxPTP, libptpmgmt
  • Khronos
  • SyncE
Audience: Everyone
Topic: BoFs

Discussions about Network Time Foundation projects: the NTP Project, LinuxPTP, libptpmgmt, Khronos, SyncE, Khronos.

Xe iaso
Topic: NixCon

Docker is everywhere, but Nix is not. Nix lets you build Docker images that are easier to deploy than images made with the normal Docker build flow. Want to learn how to make images with a 100% build efficiency and turn your application deployments from pushing many layers at a time to only pushing what actually changed? You can do it with Nix.

Ron Efroni
Topic: NixCon

Cover the dynamic landscape of Nix's growth, innovation, and future possibilities. This session will provide a comprehensive overview of the major milestones Nix has achieved over 2023 from key leads in the community and the foundation board members, the challenges we've faced, and the exciting developments on the horizon.

Matthew Croughan
Audience: Everyone

Wish your old phone was a normal Linux computer, able to run the same software as your laptop, rather than a boring Android? Want to build and deploy Windows and macOS VMs with a single function call? Ever wanted to experiment with cutting-edge AI models without messing up your system? And by the way, defining an embedded system is just a few lines of Nix.

This talk will showcase the limitless possibilities that await those brave enough to embrace the world of reproducible computing with NixOS.

Topic: NixCon

Join us as we wrap up the first ever NixCon North America.

Topic: NixCon

Pick a topic and grab some people to go talk about it. There's not much structure here. That's the point!

Tyler Menezes
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

Many open source projects are grappling with a crucial issue: finding future contributors and maintainers.
This talk explores the hurdles and solutions in bridging academia and open source. We discuss what mental barriers students face when it comes to coding and contributing to open source, how to craft mentorship resources, and what resources projects need to build lasting relationships with students.


Dotan Horovits
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Observability

We all know logs, metrics and traces, the “three pillars of observability”. We’ve been told that by collecting them we’d gain observability into our systems, right? WRONG!

You can diligently collect these signals and still find yourself without the required observability to detect and root-cause during a major outage or incident. We need a paradigm shift.

This thought-provoking talk unveils the data analytics paradigm. Learn practical measures and explore new data types to truly unlock the power of your telemetry data and get the insights you need, when you need them.