Topic: Ubucon

In open source projects, you find a variety of contributors. Some have been around for decades, others have been around for months. Some are paid for their work, others do it out of the kindness of their heart. Some people are just starting out in the tech industry and need a place of belonging, others have been in the tech industry for decades. Given these facts, it is important that everyone works well together, when the opportunity to accomplish collaborative work presents itself.

Audience: Everyone
Topic: BoFs

Work session to build and program OSHW Mars Rovers using FPrime

Jess Males
Audience: Developer

Opentofu is a community-led continuation of legacy Terraform. This presentation walks through the internals of the tool, digging into how it operates its plan/apply/destroy lifecycle. We will dig into state management, providers, and error handling. This in-depth examination will be useful for advanced users, wanting a deep understanding of the tool, or for developers looking to get involved.

Hichem Kenniche
Audience: Intermediate

This presentation explores the best practices and strategies for implementing real-time machine learning using Apache Spark on Kubernetes. It discusses the challenges and considerations involved in deploying and managing machine learning models in a real-time environment. 

Nathan Loding
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Sponsored

Complex business processes can be difficult to manage and automate. How do you implement changes while maintaining uptime? How do you introduce a new service to an existing process? This workshop is for software developers who want to build foundational knowledge of automating and orchestrating even your most complex processes. We’ll start with designing a process from the requirements stage using BPMN (if you've never heard of BPMN, don't worry!), then look at incremental improvements to the process, then implement fully software-automated tasks with a variety of programming languages.

Heather Osborn
Audience: Everyone

Rapid organic growth of a startup can result in an unsupportable infrastructure that is nearly impossible to comprehend.  At some point, you have to weigh the costs (human sanity and financial) associated with maintaining an indecipherable, tightly coupled environment over yeeting the whole thing and starting with a clean slate.

Topic: Kwaai Summit

Kwaai Tools Advisory Panel

Topic: Kwaai Summit

Kwaai Fundamentals Advisory Panel

Topic: Kwaai Summit

Panel Q&A

Michael Banck
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: PostgreSQL

This talk will present a brief overview of Patroni and then discuss various deployment patterns (and possible issues with them) that we encountered while working with customers to implement PostgreSQL HA. In particular, it will discuss the following: synchronous standbys and/or read replicas, standby clusters for multi-region/availability zone replication, client fail-over possibilities and issues/solutions with DCS problems interfering with Patroni.