Nix The Planet


Wish your old phone was a normal Linux computer, able to run the same software as your laptop, rather than a boring Android? Want to build and deploy Windows and macOS VMs with a single function call? Ever wanted to experiment with cutting-edge AI models without messing up your system? And by the way, defining an embedded system is just a few lines of Nix.

This talk will showcase the limitless possibilities that await those brave enough to embrace the world of reproducible computing with NixOS.

Spiritual successor to theĀ  "What Nix Can Do" talk from SCaLE20x of last year

In this talk, I will demonstrate some of the exciting things that can be done with Nix in a live interactive demo which includes coding:

  • disko/nixos-anywhere for crafting and testing machines in theory using virtual machines, then deploying them in the real world
  • stardustxr, reproducible VR/AR software written in Rust and built by Nix
  • Mobile NixOS, real Linux/NixOS on a $100 phone from 2018, capable of running AI models on the GPU and full desktop
  • NixThePlanet, a Nix flake I've made to build, automate and archive new and old operating systems from nothing more than their installer image as input
  •, a Nix flake to make it easier to reproduce and run AI software long term
  • defining embedded systems using NixOS
Room 212
Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 15:45 to 16:45