Nurturing the Next Generation of Open Source Contributors


In the world of open source projects, a growing problem has been casting a shadow over many projects: a need for contributors and maintainers to keep development sustainable in the long-term.
CodeDay is a non-profit with the goal of helping students find their place in tech, and since 2009 we've been collaborating with high school and college students to build the open-source software we need for our events. And now for the last four years, we've been taking what we've learned and used it to help get thousands of students involved in open-source projects.
This talk, "Nurturing the Next Generation of Open Source Contributors," led by Tyler Menezes, explores the hurdles and solutions in bridging academia and open source. We discuss what mental barriers students face when it comes to coding and contributing to open source, how to craft mentorship resources, and what resources projects need to build lasting relationships with students.
Drawing from a decade of work and thousands of students, we share practical insights. Attendees will leave with a framework for a mutually beneficial partnership between open source and students.


Ballroom B
Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 14:30 to 15:30