Christopher Webber
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Security

Uh oh, it’s time for a compliance audit! You know the drill, keep the auditor on the East-side of the building, make sure you only answer the questions that are asked, and remember, this only happens twice a year.


This talk is the story of being audited, how many of us approach these audits incorrectly, and some ideas that we can all use to improve. I will start with describing the problem space and then introduce an open-source, developer-friendly framework called InSpec that can be used to help make compliance a delightful experience for everyone involved.

Tennille Christensen, Jennifer Dumas, Pamela Chestek, Andrew Hall
Audience: Advanced

Tennille Christensen, will lead the panel as they discuss open source compliance. The panel will delve into the importance of legal properly explaining engineering the different licenses, their interaction, and compliance issues that may arise when the two teams fail to communicate. The panel will also discuss strategies for legal to address the engineering team’s needs to use software under different F/OSS licenses while still complying with the license.

Deirdre Straughan
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Mentoring

Your open source project is competing in a crowded ecosystem for time, attention, and money. To stand out from the crowd, you need to do some marketing. This talk will cover the open source marketer’s toolkit: code and things directly related to code; other content (blog posts, articles, tutorials, reference architectures, books, videos… ) and places to publish it; other means of communication (mailing lists, irc); meetups and conferences; social media, and more. It will also address the importance of community, and how a healthy community can be a key differentiator for a project.

John Gossman
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Keynote

Microsoft has a long and evolving history with open source software. John Gossman will speak to the evolution within Microsoft over the past 15+ years as it grew from the company that competed with Linux at the turn of the Millennium to become the company that is actively contributing to the kernel and creating large active open source communities around VS Code, TypeScript, .NET Core and Powershell.

Payal Singh
Audience: Beginner
Topic: Open Data

This talk will discuss what data mining is, and how to approach a mining task with the best open source mining library - Pandas in Python. 

Jonas Rosland, Kaitlyn Barnard, Jenny Thayer
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Mentoring

Communities are critical to healthy open source projects. In this session, Jenny Burcio at Docker, Kaitlyn Barnard from CNCF and Jonas Rosland at {code} will share details about their community ambassador programs (Docker Captains, CNCF Ambassadors and {code} Catalysts).

Gina Likins
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Mentoring

Getting students -- especially girls -- involved with STEM is crucial, and research has shown hands-on projects that bridge the gap between craft and computing can be a great entry to tech.  Gina Likins has taught more than 200 young women how to make things light up, and she'll share what she's learned about how to successfully teach eTextiles and small circuits to others. Learn what information you should cover -- and what you can skip -- and what you can do to ensure that your workshop goes off without a hitch.  

Zaheda Bhorat
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Keynote

It's not fiction. There are stories of global open source journeys, dragons and trolls, communities and collaborations, heros and super powers. The prize for each of us is rewarding. It's open to beginners and experts in open source. Want the instructions to play? The speaker takes you through her global journey in open source. n this session, you’ll hear unique stories of communities and collaboration, and learn how you can build sustainable open source projects while building your brand and career.

Gareth Greenaway
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

Growing up in the United States in the 80s the television were very different to what is found on television lately. The shows all had one thing in common, each episode would find the cast of characters focusing on solving a specific crisis. Miraculously by the end of each thirty minute episode they would have found a solution to the crisis and illustrated an life lesson to the audience. Gareth Greenaway will look back on many of these lessons and what the FOSS community at large can learn from them, including: diversity, communication, conflicts with friends, and generally growing up.

Silvia Botros
Audience: Developer
Topic: DevOpsDay LA

Companies at the rapid growth stage quickly feel the pain of scaling their data layer and try and solve that by hiring a DBA. But in a scaling engineering org practicing devops this can lead to more siloing if the full team is not prepared to extend some best practices to the data storage design as well.