Beginners Track
Speaker: Dru Lavigne

This presentation will introduce PC-BSD, an open source desktop based on FreeBSD.

This presentation will introduce PC-BSD, an Open Source desktop based on FreeBSD. It will discuss: - how PC-BSD differs from FreeBSD - how PC-BSD differs from Linux - current features - new features in the upcoming 9.0 release - changes to the PBI format

Speaker: Lisa Hagemann

This talk will guide the beginner Perl user through they whys and hows of code profiling. Attendees will be introduced to some of the profiling tools available, with demonstration of speeding up a single call by 85%. Attendees will learn simple techniques

This talk will guide the beginner Perl user through the whys and hows of code profiling. The Devel::NYTProf profiling tool will be introduced in the context of how to find a significant speed up based on an inefficient sub routine in a popular CPAN module. Attendees will be shown the tool and associated output, and will have a walk-through of how to interpret data for best optimization candidates.

PostgreSQL Day

PostGIS Case Study - CA Public Utility Commission

The California Public Utility Commission recently funded a project to process a very large energy efficiency dataset. Various free & open source projects including PostgreSQL were utilized. This talk will detail the reasoning behind the decision to use the FLOSS software as well as any issues that came up.

PostgreSQL Day
Speaker: Deepak Murthy

Postgresql Advanced Commands and Queries

Postgresql Advanced Commands and Queries

Educational, General
Speaker: Larry Bushey

Podcasting advice from a veteran podcast creator and host.

Got an idea to share or a story to tell? Got a computer with a microphone? Then you have enough to record, edit, produce and publish a professional quality podcast. Your podcast doesn't have to be about Linux or open source software to use the technology to make it happen. This session will provide you with suggestions for the applications you'll need to do it for free - using Linux and open source software. You'll also get valuable podcasting advice from a veteran podcast creator, host and producer.

Speaker: Kit Plummer

Enabling Success

If DevOps indeed is a cultural paradigm of trust within the development and operations functions of a software service organization then there are a few derived requirements essential to enabling such a thing. Testing is the most important requirement of them all. Quality assurance, regardless of it being its own entity or not, is the "greased skid" that enables successful DevOps. Quality assurance, in automated form, is the proof that is foundational to the trust that enables confidence in both sides. So, it is imperative that both development and operations shops take a more active role in how quality assurance is defined and executed. This may be as much of a culture shift as development and operations collaborating - but, this talk will discuss the why's and how's of such a thing.

Speaker: Nick Quaranto

Learn about Redis and how you can use it with your applications.

Explaining Redis is tough. It’s easy to say “a data structures server” or “memcached on steroids” or something more jargon filled. It’s not exactly a key value store, it’s definitely not a relational or document-oriented database. Usually as programmers we have to bend our data into a table or document to save it, but with Redis we can persist data as we conceptually visualize it. You may have heard that Redis is super fast, is being used for everything from analytics to job queues, and even on large sites such as Craigslist. Learn about the basics of Redis and we'll cover some use cases so you can see how to integrate with your applications.

Speaker: Lance Albertson

Ganeti is an open source project which offers many solutions to simplify a clustered virtual machine environment. This session will walk through Ganeti covering its basic design goals/features, installation architecture, and production implementation.

Ganeti is a clustered virtual server management software tool built on top of existing virtualization technologies (such as Xen or KVM). This talk will discuss a case at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) where we had scaling, performance, and reliability issues with our existing VM infrastructure. We will also cover overall design, features, and basic operations of Ganeti.

Speaker: Josh Berkus

How to maximize downtime in your web application

Applications which are responsive, low-maintenance and have regular uptime are passe'. Learn how to build applications which crash, time out, and consume inordinate amounts of hardware and staff -- just like the cool kids do!

PostgreSQL Day
Speaker: Bruce Momjian

Securing PostgreSQL from External Attack

This talk explores the much-anticipated Postgres 9.0 features of hot standby and streaming replication. It explains how these features work, how to configure them, and their current limitations. It includes a hands-on demonstration that can be done either by the instructor or by students.