Speaker: David Maxwell

Use case for adoption of a static analysis tool as part of the development process

Software authors use various well-established tools to make the development process more manageable. New to the developer's arsenal are automated code testing tools that examine source code for flaws specific to any given programming language. This talk we will show the use of the Coverity Static Analysis tool on Samba, the technical details, and the resulting changes in the codebase over time.

Speaker: Larry Cafiero

The care and feeding of people new to Linux/FOSS

With more people seeking digital alternatives to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS platforms, user groups -- specifically Linux User Groups (LUGs) -- are encountering more users who come from a non-tech background. This presentation discusses how current LUGs can make the group environment more welcoming to those who are new to Linux.

PostgreSQL Day
Speaker: Noel Proffitt

How the City of Garden Grove takes advatage of PostgreSQL

Local governments deliver important services to residents, businesses, and visitors: Water, sewer, roads, land use, police, fire, environmental compliance, are some of services that cities routinely provide. Garden Grove, a full service city of over 172,000 residents in Orange County has taken advantage of Open Source since 1995. PostgreSQL increasingly helps solve the City’s business needs. The talk will cover how cities generate lots of varied and interesting data and outline how PostgreSQL is used in Garden Grove developed Ruby on Rails applications as well as a number of commercially available applications. Ruby on Rails tends to treat databases as “bit buckets” but the framework can be easily integrate many of Postgres’ powerful features if handled correctly. City developed applications include police records management, utility billing, and parks and recreation management.

Speaker: David Stokes

MySQL is the heart of many Drupla sites. This session covers new features in MySQl 5.5

MySQL is the heart of many LAMP sites and MySQL 5.5 has many new features to make the life of DBAs and system administrators better. This presentation covers many topics from semi-synchronous replication, scaling, and other improvements found in MySQL 5.5

Developers Track
Speaker: Akkana Peck

Learn to write GIMP scripts in Python and Script-Fu

Much of the power of GIMP comes from its wide variety of plug-ins. In this tutorial, you'll learn to write your own GIMP plug-ins in two languages: Python and Script-fu. Python is rapidly becoming the language of choice for GIMP plug-ins due to its flexibility and clean API. Script-fu isn't as powerful as Python, but it has the advantages of being GIMP's native language.

Speaker: David Wonderly

Your Guide to Kubuntu

An introduction into KDE and Kubuntu. How we have grown since the start of KDE4. Changes since the 10.04LTS release and a sneak peek into 11.04 and the future of Kubuntu. This will also include a question and answer section.