January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel


Audience: Everyone Categories: Mentoring
Speaker: Larry Cafiero

This is a reprise of "User Groups 2.0: Noob Morning in America" given last year at SCALE 9X, with updates and a part of the talk regarding how to start a user group. With a wide variety of new users coming to Linux User Groups (LUGs) for help, this session outlines the care and feeding of new users. This includes strategies to help them help themselves to become experienced users so they can help new users later on down the line. This presentation also seeks to help those wishing to start a LUG to start one.

Audience: Everyone Categories: General
Speaker: Larry Cafiero

From Arch to Zenwalk, there are roughly 320 active Linux and Unix (BSD) distributions, according to Distrowatch. Many of them are standard-issue, production-model distros made for the average user, and some are specialized, higher performance distros with racing stripes and mag wheels. This is a look at the latter.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Mentoring
Speaker: Joe Brockmeier

Whether you're an individual developer, working with an open source project, or working with a business that is involved in open source, odds are you could benefit from working well with the media. In this talk, I'll give an overview of what tech press do, what we look to cover, and how you can work with the media (or become the media) to benefit yourself, your project, and/or your company.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Cloud and Virtualization
Speaker: Jesse Andrews

Because OpenStack abstracts servers, networks and storage to a single restful API, integrating it with your system(s) can be an ordeal. Lessons learned in the field with real deployments at Sony Computer Entertainment America and x.commerce. To help getting it to work for you, we will explore the architecture of major components and how to setup a complete development environment using devstack, a documented shell script that goes from Ubuntu to a running cloud in 5 minutes.

Audience: Advanced Categories: Kernel
Speaker: Gordon Ross

An alternative to the traditional FUSE design is presented, where the kernel file-system module can do meta-data caching and some aggregation of requests, allowing the rendez-vous with the user-level helper process to be less frequent and more efficient. Experimental results from a prototype of this design are compared with the more traditional implementation.

Thomas Stocking, COO Gandi US, Inc.
Audience: Everyone Categories: Cloud and Virtualization
Speaker: Thomas Stocking

Thomas Stocking will talk about the uses of Linux and open source in cloud computing, and how small businesses can take advantage of the cloud. With a short review of what the cloud means to small business, we will discuss a couple of general use cases for public and private clouds. We will also cover SaaS, and how small businesses can use it to get online and sell products, software, and services. In Q&A, participants will be asked what use they have made of cloud computing, and how it has worked (or failed) to enable their small business ventures.

Lynn's photo
Audience: Everyone Categories: MySQL
Speaker: Lynn Ferrante

Many MySQL users also use the Oracle database and other associated Oracle software. Oracle is integrating MySQL with many of its other software products. The Oracle product certifications and integrations will allow you to use a common set of tools for Oracle and MySQL databases as a data source or as a metadata repository using the same software. Some products have already been integrated, and others are in the works.The products I will cover include Oracle Goldengate, Secure Backup, Audit Vault, OVM, and Firewall as well as some middleware products.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Cloud and Virtualization
Speaker: Richard Su

Aeolus, an umbrella project for several related open source projects, ties all the cloud resources to which an organization has access together; be they in public or private clouds, into one pool of resources, which can be subdivided into multiple virtual clouds with differing access rights for different users. Aeolus provides tools for managing virtual instances and images across public and private clouds and virtualization management solutions, from image creation to the launch of complex deployments. All fronted by a friendly self-service web application.

Audience: Beginner Categories: General
Speaker: Tom Rini

There are many aspects of the Linux boot process developers should consider. This presentation covers all facets of the boot process from power up to running a user application beginning with ROM boot loader progressing through secondary program loader, u-boot, kernel and finishing with user-level initialization. Learn more about the Linux boot process first hand with a live demonstration on one of the popular BeagleBoard.org open source platforms.

Audience: Everyone Categories: General
Speaker: Ruth Suehle

Explaining open source to someone who barely knows what software is can be hard. Code? Community? It's free? But there's a good chance your software un-savvy friend has heard of Harry Potter. Or World of Goo. Maybe he's a Tron fan. And that's the secret to explaining open source--by using the known as a bridge to the unknown.